Monday, March 8, 2010


Mac has been a complete brat all week long. I won't even go into the horror stories but if you have or had a teenager, you know that when they aren't happy, no one is happy.

Then today, the clouds parted and the sun was shining and he was a happy kid. It was the weirdest damn thing.

First, I told him he had to clean the bathroom- which I thought was going to cause World War VIXL in my house. But... he just did. I asked him to just scrub the sink, the tub and the toilet. When I got home he was in the processing of cleaning which he took as doing what I asked as well as cleaning the mirror, dusting the shelves, mopping the floor, and laundering the bath rugs. Wow. I would totally hire him out with these skills! I was completely impressed! Oh, and he put away the clean towels and put a clean hand towel out. Scrubbed and dusted. A 16 year old boy- do you realize how amazing this is?

Then I was fixing dinner and he set the table WITHOUT BEING ASKED!

He put away his laundry WITHOUT BEING ASKED!

He took out the trash WITHOUT BEING ASKED!

He laughed and talked and smiled and joked and was a completely sweet HUMAN being! He gave me a hug and told me he loved me.

Just when I was ready to wring his neck, ground him for life, and then sell him to the nearest band of passing gypsies, he becomes my normal, happy kid again.

Parenting is hit and miss and after a week of all misses, we had some hits. Makes it all worth it.

Mac's mommy,


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

OK Maggie Sweetie...
Being a Mom of 3 and a Grammy of 7, several teenagers I would be asking, What does Mac want? What is he buttering you up for? Something is on the horizon. Keep me posted on this one.

In the meantime, look at all he did accomplish. Yipee skipee.

Have a beautiful Monday. Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

Anna said...

don't you love it? :-)

Curley said...

Or it could just be the mood swings of teenagers. Who knows what is up with them? I bet you could ask him what was up all week and he either won't have a clue why he was in a bad mood or will totally deny that he was in a bad mood. Enjoy the benifits while they last, but be prepared for the change.

Suzanne said...

I love these moments. As a mom of 2 girls, 15 and 13, it seems we are having more misses lately...but I love those hits!!!!!

Evil Pixie said...

The joys of parenting teenagers... But at least you have those brilliant moments. You just have to focus on those moments to get through the bratty times.

xinex said...

Oh what a sweet kid! You wonder sometimes what triggers these emotions...Christine

Anonymous said...

I was thinking maybe he was sucking up for

Cheryl said...

After that post I had to laugh at Country Wings in Pheonix's comment. I hope that's not the case. Maybe he is a perfect example of the new type of man who doesn't see household chores as a woman's responsibility?

Maggie said...

Sherry- thanks for the advise! I was waiting for him to ask for something: the car, money, a kidney...

Anna- yes I do!

Curley- Oh i know he can hinge on a dime and can got from happy to evil in 5.2 so I'm ready. And loving his happiness! And i did ask him why he was in a bad mood last week and, of course, he said he wasn't! HA! Maybe he was actually aware of his bad mood and was paying me back for being such a brathead?

Suzanne- take all the hits you can get!!! I do!

Evil P- that is so true!

Christine- don't you wish we could figure out what triggers it all, bottle and sell it? We could make millions!

TaDa- he might be but he didn't ask for anything...yet!

Cheryl- I love your thinking and I've tried to instill that into him... maybe it just "caught"? Regardless, I was thrilled!