Thursday, March 18, 2010

Damn computer Part II

My motherboard is fried. My computer is dead.

So, about $400-600 into my future I'll be getting a new one. Oh gee... so in about a million years.

Bugger bugger bugger!



Curley said...

Life sucks sometimes. I wish I could help. On the other hand, in about 3 weeks I get to spend about $1000 on new glasses for 3 of us. Please call me.

sanjay kumar negi said...

well done bother ,good work.


'very interesting post'

Anna said...

we just bought my mom a new pc that came with keyboard, mouse and speakers for under $300 at Walmart if you have a monitor already it's worth a look-lou

Evil Pixie said...

That totally sucks. It is amazing how much our computers become a part of our lives. Even more amazing is how $400-600 can feel like such a fortune when you don't have it. I can totally relate to your buggery frustrations.

TaDa said...

That sucks Maggie... hope it happens quick for ya