Friday, March 26, 2010

In brief

Geez, I thank my 60 followers and then I lose one. Oh well.

This is short and sweet because I'm going to see Mac in Alice in Wonderland again. I'm going to post again when I get home, after the play. I hope to have pictures of Mac as the Mad Hatter.

TGIF, is all I can say.



Lisa said...

Awesome! You know I lost people I was following from my list and didn't realize it for a while. I went back and they didn't block me so I think Blogger is just CRAZYYY!! Hang in there!
Hugs, Lisa

Lilith said...

I could have really used one of those this week. My students were taking a test, and OMG you would have thought I was testing them on Quantum Physics as long as they took. Yes, I understand Accounting is hard, but they were allowed to have a 3x5 note card with notes on it and still they took forever!!

Betty Jo said...

Happy Pink Saturday Maggie! Super post!! Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a comment. I've enjoyed my first visit here with you.

Maggie said...

Lisa- i'm going to believe it's blogger being crazy rather than losing readership!

Lilith- it's either the time of year, time of month, the moon or weather or something because they are all fricking nuts at every age level!

Betty Jo- thanks- please come again!