Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Freakin' Prom

"Holy Shit" is all I could think when Mac outlined the cost of Prom expenses. He asked for "prom" for his birthday since he knew it would be costly.
  • tux rental
  • flowers
  • pictures
  • prom tickets at $40 per couple
  • dinner
And he doesn't even have a girlfriend. He has a huge crush on a girl called Emily but Emily has a boyfriend but she and Mac are super friends and he wants more. So Mac is going to take Emily's younger sister to Prom. He likes her well enough and will have fun with her but shelling out that sort of money for a platonic evening is outrageous. Of course I keep this to myself and hold my breath and write checks.

We may not have to rent his tux because Daddy-O has one and Mac might fit into it. If that's the case, then we only need to rent the matching colored tie and vest and such. And the tickets include the after prom party as well as the prom itself, which is a good thing. And the After Prom is pretty big, I guess- dinner, snacks, elaborate games, a DJ, karaoke, and a BIG entertainer- they're getting a stand up comic. So I guess a might of safety (it's lock-in style and ATOD free, of course!), entertainment, food and fun for 2 kids is a good deal for $40.

If I start tucking money back now I can afford Prom and his SAT fees. Over my damn dead body will I have his ask his loser Sperm Donor jerk-off asshat father.

Oh yeah, Mac could get a job but I would rather him enjoy high school and have time to do the fun stuff and to study, if I can help it. And since he wants to go to law school, he's gonna have to work his way through college... so, gee, it's great to be a mom. I shouldn't complain, but... wow!

And when all these parents start complaining about how expensive Prom is for a girl, I bet the boys are about evenly matched!

Mac's mom,


Evil Pixie said...

That sucks... I hate when those sort of expenses come up. It is so difficult to say "no," especially when it is something so milestone-ish. As for me, I skipped prom. Too expensive (as you know), and back then I was far more interested in mocking those who went to prom and took the prom royalty thing so seriously.

Curley said...

I'm willing to donate to a good cause. You could always have another rummage sale.

Anna said...

Prom is expensive no matter how you cut it. I have 1 more left with prom plans in our house then I'm done!

There after party sounds like a blast!

Maggie said...
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Maggie said...

Evil P- I think it's prohibitive as well, as you can figure out. But thankful Mac isn't one who thinks it's a be all- end all thing. He just wants to go because, as he said, "it's a frickin' rite of passage". LOL!

Curley- if I had anything left to sell (other than Mac) at this point I would.

Maggie said...

Anna- Then you can feel my $$$ pain! I think the party should be a good time- do they do anything like that where your kids go to school?

Valerie said...

I hear your pain! I have a 15-year old GIRL (sophmore). While she's not going to prom this year, Homecoming and Sadies Hawkins have set us back a few bucks...dress, shoes/purse, jewelry, boutainneire (spelling???), mani/pedi. And for some strange reason, we always get suckered into having an "after" party at our house...snacks & drinks for 20-30 kids (I'm really fine w/ it...just like to bitch). I've been hearing from a bunch of girlfriends that Prom Dresses are outrageously expensive and a couple are doing consignment or renting dresses for the night.
P.S. Love your Blog and I hope your son has fun @ Prom!

Jimmie Earl said...

Since Mac is a junior this year, he only has one more year for proms and such. I know how the $$ never go far enough. That's why your grandma made one of your dresses and I made your corsage and the date's boutonniere. It just seems like it has gotten out of hand. Some schools are having parents get involved in preparing and tearing down. Maybe Mac's school will do something like that. One of the county schools even had their prom at my church's multipurpose room last year. It was fantastic.
Good luck!