Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Being channeled

I have one student that I work with on a regular basis. This kid only has a Special Education Individual Education Plan because she needs more time to take a test and has a better grasp of material if someone could explain it a little bit. She is a pretty girl who is basically smart and mostly a good kid. I like her, most days!

Today was a "like her" day. She was all cheery and bubbly and she decided she wanted to be me and I would be her.

So all period long she was me. Today was a planned study hall period so it was a good day to be silly. And I had to laugh because I could see myself in her; she had me totally "down" to a tee. She would clap and give praise to other students. She had my tonality and inflections. She used my "phrases". The other kids were laughing and talking about how right she was. Apparently I jump up and down and clap a lot. I also must pat people on the shoulder and say please often.

So this student was "me" all period. She even wore my ID tag.

She was except she used a British accent.

Now, I do not have a British accent. I do not even remotely have an accent that sounds European at all. I was born and raised in the Midwest. I can't even do a "fake" British accent well.

So I asked her what was up with the accent. She said I "talk properly all the time and use the right language" and am "all formal and stuff" when I speak, even when I'm being silly.

Apparently I sound like a British nanny to her. Go figure.



Bragger said...

I would be totally afraid if someone started trying to be me.

Then again, since one of ours was arrested for having a gun in his car today.....maybe that's what he was doing. Yeah, that's it.

Bummed out.

Maggie said...

Bragger- Wait--- one of your kids or one of your teachers had the gun?

And did you guys have to go into full lock down mode?

TaDa said...

that is so great maggie... can we clone you and place you all over the schools.... you are an awesome teacher...

Curley said...

Ok, I heard you do your British accent today and you did a very respectable British accent. Very funny.

Maggie said...

TaDa- clone away if it means $$$ for me! haha!

And thanks for the compliment! ;)

Curley- and thank you for saying I did a respectable accent, though i felt like I sounded like Eliza Dolittle caught in a blender. :)

Lilith said...

Eliza Dolittle caught in a blender? LOL omg that made me laugh so hard!

Wiley said...

Pip, pip, wot, wot. Time for tea, Maggie-o?

My mum grew up in Inger-lund and still has the accent. I never noticed until high school when my friends would come over and tell me my house was like the UN, with my mum's pommy accent and my dad's Indian accent (he definitely did not have an Indian accent though... so I'm not sure what they were thinking)

Maggie said...

Lilith- I just can't do a British accent no matter what Curley says!

Wiley- so what do YOU sound like with a Brit mum, an Indian dad, all the time in the US and living Down Under?

Honey said...

Ahh... 7th graders! Yes, they are the spawn of Satan! That is why I traded teaching them to teaching 5/6 yr. olds. Low stress.