Thursday, March 25, 2010


I finally got a new computer cord so now my blogging life and computer life are back to normal. I can once again sit on the couch and read blogs and write and all that stuff. So, for those of you who wondered why I stopped reading (and commenting) I worked last night to try and catch up and will do some tonight and over the weekend, hoping to get up to speed on your lives, so that I am technologically reconnected again to the www. Thanks to Daddy-O and Curley for getting me the cord, and to King of the Computers, the Nerd I love Most, for figuring out the dang problem to start with!

Speaking of blogging, I have no idea what shape I'll be in to blog come next Tuesday since that's when I'm having my wisdom teeth removed. And if they're so smart, why does everyone want them gone? Hmmmmmmmmmm?

No word from AlaskaSam on when, where or if we're going to meet for a holiday. Figures, and par for the course in life with (and without) him.

Not counting today, we have 6 more school days until Spring Break. I am SO ready! Daddy-O is going away and I plan on staying home and sleeping in and being a worthless layabout for as many hours as possible, when I'm not having girl's time out!

I also want to take this time to shout out a huge HELLO DARLINGS to all my new followers. Holy Moly- I have 60! Look at me go. That's cool. Thanks for following and reading and commenting! (hint hint!) Welcome! I might do another give away when I hit 100!

Mac's opening night of Alice in Wonderland is tonight as he debuts as the Mad Hatter. Send happy thoughts his way, please! And I'll try to post pictures over the weekend!

I also want to shout out a HUGE thank you to Wiley. About a million weeks ago this girl sent me chocolate cookies and a fountain pen in the mail. All the way from Australia! OMG- chocolate cookies with chocolate creme in them covered in chocolate. They're Tim-Tams and are just about the best cookie in the world (next to Mallomars). She sent these over an ocean because I commented on her blog that they sounded good. And this is an amazing fountain pen, and I love the way it writes. I cannot believe that all this time past and I never said anything! I suck. So I'm sorry Wiley, for taking so long to publicly thank you, but THANK YOU. Those cookies were freaking awesome. Mac stole one and almost lost a limb. Thank you so much- you rock!

I also want to say another thank you to my BFF in the Wild West. She sent me a Christmas present. Around, ya know, Christmas, and I just found a post buried in my archives with a picture of the cutest silver purse key chain. I LOVE this! She also made homemade camels but those didn't last long enough to be photographed. I'm not kidding about that! Thanks, Gulo! And you were a beautiful bride; I love that picture of you!

Here's the material for my dresses. The flowered pink one is a cotton from the wonderful line a fabrics called Tutti-Fruiti. The other is a silky material that is wild! Love these and will show off the finish products!

Just another Thursday,


Curley said...

Good Luck Mac! Know you'll do great. I'm coming to see the play tomorrow night.

Shan said...

Wowee! Wowee!! And WOWEE!!! I'm making all the proper facial expressions to make up for missing comments.

p.s. I LOVED the impersonation of you as a happy clappy British teacher!! :D

Break a leg Mac!!!


all my wisdom teeth fit...thank goodness!

hopefully you'll only be knocked out with pain for the first week! lol just kidding...

you'll be your blogging self in no time!

ciao bella
thanks for coming by!

TaDa said...

ya to the cord.... LOL.. yes I got tons of comments from you last night .. forgot you were down... I am recovering today... my husband fed me to much alchol last night....

Jimmie Earl said...

Note to TaDa: Is there such a thing as too much alcohol? LOL!

Evil Pixie said...

"It's Alive!" "It's Alive!" Sorry... I'm envisioning this when your computer started humming back to life. Can't help myself.

Congrats on the 60 followers! 100 will happen in no time.

PS. I feel the same way about wisdom teeth. I still have mine but have received grumblings from my Orin Scrivello-esque dentist (ala Little Shop of Horrors) that I need to have the little bastards removed.

PPS. Sending "knock 'em dead!" thoughts Mac's way. :)

Jeanne said...

Hello Maggie Mae, I have a great niece with that name. I noticed you visited my Pink Saturday post and I have been so busy running the roads I have not commented back to you. I am in Florida until next week so computer time is limited. I am 'trying' to catch up. Back home to NC on Monday. I do hope spring has sprung while I have been gone. Smile!

I love your newsy post and I am glad your computer is working again. I love the pink yummy fabric. Have fun creating with it.

Good luck with your wisdom teeth surgery. Ouch!!!

Have a happy week.
Hugs, Jeanne

Wiley said...

Go Mac!! I hope he blitzed it!

And no need to thank me - especially not publicly. Aw, shucks :)
But just so you know, calling Tim Tams 'just about the best cookie in the world' is a slight upon the entire Australian people.
Just so you know... ;)

Gulo said...

You are very welcome...glad you liked the goodies!!