Thursday, February 10, 2011


Mac loses his car keys all the time. All. the. time. Daddy-O and I have tried many techniques to help him keep track of them keys. I'm to the point where I want to tie them around his neck.

So, Mac has lost his keys. Usually he says this and I can move 2 items on the bookcase or reach in his coat pocket under his glove and find them. or say, "they're in the bathroom". Or something easy. Mac can't seem to see them right in front of his face, but I generally can locate them.

Mac told me he lost his keys and I was determined to not "help" him find them this time. I've not looked. However, I've let him use mine repeatedly.

I gave some serious thought to grounding him until he found his keys but that's really more of a punishment to me and to Daddy-O than Mac. I thought about grounding him from the car until he finds them but then I become a chauffeur again. Isn't the whole point of being a teenager is driving? And isn't the whole point of being the mom to a teenager is to NOT drive them anywhere anymore? I threatened him within an inch of his life on Monday that he wasn't doing anything Monday until he found them. All to no avail apparently.

All that being said, my "teach him a lesson" laissez faire attitue about his keys bit me in the butt this morning. My school had a 1 hour delay so I rode with a co-worker. Mac's school had a 2 hour delay and I left him the car. Which did me a fat lotta good because HE HAD NO KEYS!!! He sent me a text after I was at school, reminding me of his lack of keys. I told him he better find them.

I got a text back he couldn't locate them still. I was going to make him take local transportation and then if he was late, then tough-noogies.

Daddy-O was the hero of the day!!!!!!!! He actually gave Mac a ride to school and then is going to pick me up (and Mac) after school today. (Thank you dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Then I'm going home and will find the keys. Then I will permanently attach them to Mac's person. It may or may not be painful. Okay, I'm kidding. Sort of.

How many days until he leaves for college?
Mac's mom,


Terry said...

Howdy Sweetie
LOL ,oh you make me glad I survived those teenage years :)
You also bring to mind how it all went by way too fast .My grown man child (almost 30) was sharing with me last night how he was telling one of his employees that they will wake up one day and have outgrown things lke being impatient,loosing stuff,etc...
And me in my infinite wisdom wanted to know if he fully appreciated what his Mom went through and he sheepishly told me thank you for not killing him,or grounding him for life !
Hang on Maggi and enjoy the present and prepare to be blessed in the future .
Until next time
Happy Trails

D-nice said...

As a joke or maybe in all seriousness get him one of those clips that are used to attach pacifiers to babies.

Mellodee said...

Sounds like it's time for some tough love! Without keys, he can't drive or ride. Period. Find them or walk or stay home. No bail-outs. He lost them, he should be the one to fix this, otherwise he'll keep losing things his whole life, expecting someone else to find the things he's lost. Life is all about consequences! :)

Jimmie Earl said...

Okay, as Grandpa Wonderful, I started searching. I went thru Mac's clothes hamper, (gross) and all over the place. Mags called and asked if I looked behind the bookcase at the bottom of the stairs where the keys are supposed to be placed on top of said bookcase. I looked, nope...but I did spot something shiny!! So I moved the bookcase out, got my "grabber" and went after said shiny object! Alas! Mac's keys. When I presented him with them he said,"the irony is, Mom, that I actually did put them where they were supposed to be. They just fell down behind the bookcase." All is found, peace reigns again in Daddy-o"s household!


Curley said...

I say that after having found said keys, Mac should pick a spot where he can put his keys, wallet, change & anything else that comes out of his pockets and that should be where he always put said things. Maybe you could get him a neat bowl or something like that to put it all in, that he can keep in a special spot. I agree, if he doesn't keep the things in said spot, he should loose privlege of driving till he finds keys. Except for school. Does he lose his wallett? Keep keys with wallet.

Wiley said...

That's what piercings are for, right - permanently attaching things to a body...?