Monday, February 28, 2011

March in my library

I wrote my first library newsletter and I'm going to pass one out to each kid tomorrow. It's full of cool things I have planned for the month of March. I want the library to be a center of 'artistic learning' and not just all about books. I want my students to WANT to come to the library.

This month I've hidden paper shamrocks in books and if students find one, they can check it out, read it, take a Reading Counts test and if they pass it, then they get a full sized candy bar. I'm holding this contest until St. Paddy's Day.

Next week I'm hosting a fat Tuesday party. I got a local bakery to give me some donuts and I'm going to serve them all call 'em King Cakes. I've created a 4 minute Power Point presentation about Mardi Gras and how it's related to Christianity. I also have decorations and door prizes.

Every Friday we have a drawing. Kids who get awarded a good behavior award come in the library and their name goes in a drawing so they can win prizes. The "drawing container" is in pretty bad shape. I'm sponsoring a decoration contest. Students can submit a design and the winner will bring the design to life, and get a lunch out!

The last thing I have planned for March is an Art & Lecture activity. I'm having a guest speaker come in, show some greeting cards she's mad, talk about it and then the invitees get to make a card or two. this is happening on the Ides of March.

I was going to have a St. Patrick's Party but the only way I could think of tying it to the library was through Irish poetry. Usually written by drunks. So I thought I would pass on that!

I'm so excited about it all!

My only stupid moment was as the copier spit out copy #116 of my March newsletter and I thought I should've celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday. On March 2. Ooops!



Curley said...

Great ideas. Can I have a copy of your newsleter?

Bragger said...

I'd like a copy of your newsletter too! What great ideas. I really think you SHOULD expose them to drunken poetry. Well-rounded citizens and all that.......

Mellodee said...

Books are a treasure even better than a pot o'gold!!! I bet you could have come up with something along those lines for st. Paddy's Day!! :)