Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday's thoughts (aka random stuff in my head)

One of the things on my 40 before 40 list is take ballroom dancing lessons. We called to arrange the first lesson and the instructor's name is... Sam. It's fate. I also get a new pair of high heels for this adventure. I'm nervous. I hope I don't barf on Sam the Dance Man. Nor on ITSam...

I chaperoned a field trip today. It was on a bus with all boys. I must be long on patience and have a higher tolerance for their stupid boy antics than I care to admit. Other teachers don't feel that same way. Tomorrow when we meet to do the behavior report, I am going piss off the other faculty members because I don't think the kids should be in trouble for doing "kid" stuff.

I have my first foster parent class tomorrow night and I'm really excited. And nervous. And scared.

Many folks have recommended CDs and I've been listening. Mumford and Son, Lady Gaga and Cherry Poppin' Daddies. I'm diggin' it all.

I saw a play today, as part of the field trip, and it was THREE and a HALF hours long. My butt really hurts. And I'm a gold medalist in sitting and this was even too much for me. But the play was freakin' awesome.

Does anyone else have "Angry Birds" as an app? Everyone I know said I should get it, and ITSam is playing it as I type and is having a hoot. I don't get it....

My big plans for Sunday are to read all the blogs on my favorite lists because I've been slacking. I'm really sorry for not reading you guys. I still love you even though I'm lame.

I cannot believe I no school Monday. I have an entire day off. I am NOT going to work any job at all. Mac has school and ITSam has to work. I might try and bribe Daddy-O to leave so I can use the house for the day.

Speaking of apps, I would take recommendations of apps that are MUST HAVES. I don't have nearly enough apps. I'm lacking in the app department. And speaking of apps, I need to promise myself to learn one a day because I don't know much about the ones I do have. UGH!

Today was a spring teaser as far as the weather goes because it was 61 degrees outside. that's right. You read it right. 61 flippin' degrees. I was one happy lady! I love the smell of wet, warm earth.

Can anyone else tell I'm really struggling to find blog topics lately? I've been waiting on an answer to my "big news" before I say anything. Because it might be sad, pathetic NO news. Ideas are welcome as far as blog ideas go.

random queen,


Bragger said...

I'm loving the warm weather here too. I'm off tomorrow - had to take a sick day to go to the doctor. Then I'm riding my bike. Yippee!! (We were supposed to have Monday off too, but then we had that stupid snow/ice storm.)

Mellodee said...

Looks like you're doing just fine in finding topics. You write nearly every day! That's a lot more writing than most folks (including me). Tomorrow (or the next day) all of a sudden you'll be brimming with things to write about! That's usually the way it works. One of the best things about blogging is that there is NO PRESSURE and NO DEADLINE....we write when we want to and NOBODY complains. Take your time, we'll be here.

(The sad truth is I don't have anything to write about at the moment either!! LOL!)

Lilith said...

I have Angry Birds on my iPod touch and it is fricken addictive!

Lilith said...

I forgot to add, I am shocked to see you use the word, "app."

I do believe a few years ago you said you couldn't stand that word. LOL

Curley said...

Even random stuff from your head is a good read.