Friday, February 18, 2011

Guess which dwarf I am today? (Other title: The news that isn't)

A few weeks ago I made a vague reference to something that could be good but I didn't want to jinx it. Well, at this point, I've surpassed the good feelings and don't really feel like anything I say here could jinx anything, at this point.

I had a job interview on Jan. 31. An interview within the Alcatraz corporation but not on this campus, but in Northern Civilization. It would have amazing hours, killer benefits, be permanent full time, and make about double to double and a half (can I have double and a half???) the money as what I do now. When I interviewed it was like the job description was plucked right off my resume. I am PERFECT for this job. It was made for me.

I could barely constrain myself from drooling over this job (though I did manage.) I thought I interviewed like a pro. I was there for 3 hours, met the team, and given the tour. She told me she had 1 other candidate to interview and she would submit names to her director. She left me feeling like it would be my job but she was going through the process of interviewing because she had to. Of course, she didn't give it to me but it just felt like she was going to hire me. The interview was THAT good. At the end she said I should know an answer either way, by Feb. 11.

Well, Feb. 11 has come and gone with no answer because the director went on vacation. She got back on Monday, Feb. 14. Though a woman on my current campus who works with the woman I interviewed with said she liked me. The woman I interviewed with liked me, that is. Yes, with all these women and no names, I realize this is rather convoluted.)

Then, on Wednesday, I ran into the woman who interviewed me here on my campus (she was here for a meeting). We made small talk and I just bluntly casually said I was waiting to hear from her. She said, and I quote, "I submitted my candidate list to N***** and am just waiting to here from her." Then she wouldn't make eye contact with me. Our chat before had been fine before that but then she was all lack of eye contact and skittish with me. From her body language, intonation, her non verbal cues, and her word choice, I am pretty sure this is not going to be my job.

And we do not have some sort of company HR procedure that wouldn't let her tell me there. She could've said my name was on the list. I think the omission is the answer. She might not want to tell me in the middle of a cafeteria lunch that I didn't get the job but there would be nothing wrong with telling me I was on the list with the other candidates.

I've decided what's worse than the interview is the not knowing.

And I still don't know. I would be satisfied with a "no" at this point, just to put me out of my misery.

Guess it's not such a great, big, wonderful newsy possibility after all.

Grumpy Maggie


sam said...

Hi Maggie,

Is the other candidate employed with the Alcatraz corporation? If not, I would hope that would carry some clout. Can your director be of any help since you might be loosing this job?

How far is the drive?

That is the pits. I hope you get this job.


Bragger said...

I'm the ultimate positive thinker, so until you get a definite "NO," I'm still going to hope you get it. You deserve it.

Curley said...

I think you should just call up the person who interviewed you and talk to her. Just like for any other job, you're just checking in to see if a decision has been made since you haven't heard and if it hasn't, that you would still very much like to be considered for that job.

Lilith said...

How do you know there's no policy in place in HR that says she can't tell you? It's a different department than what you work in now and the policy could be different.

Like I told you via text, we have a policy like that at work, but the only reason I know that is because I was around when someone broke it!

Don't give up hope until you absolutely have to!

Maggie said...

sam/P- I have no idea if the other candidate is from within. And the drive would only be 40 minutes one way and then when Mac graduated I would move there so that would even be better!

Bragger- thanks; I hope your brand of thinking helps

Curly- If I have no answer by the time MY business day (330pm) ends on Monday I'll do just that.

Lilith- I know because after we texted, I called HR to ask. The person I interviewed with will notify me, and HR about who she hires.

Wiley said...

I have my fingers crossed for you! And don't read too much in to the body language - maybe she forgot to submit the list on time and was feeling awkward because you caught her out. Or maybe she was trying too successfully to hide the fact that you were the number one name on the list! :)

Keep the faith, everything will work out.