Monday, February 21, 2011

Lady of Leisure day

Today I have no school. We have a 'winter break' day. We didn't have enough snow days to date to take it away so I actually have the day off tomorrow while all other schools in the county- Mac's included- have to go to school.

My big plan for the day involves doing nothing but things I want. Which means I'll probably spend quality time in my pajamas, reading, drinking coffee and reading some of my back dated fashion magazines (which is a 40 before 40 item...). I might scrapbook, or not. I might read blogs, or not. I might answer emails, or not. I might watch movies, or not. Whatever I do, it will be what I want and it will be fun.

I worked hard this weekend with ITSam's help. We cleaned the attic, and got about 80% finished. I can now see the floor again. We actually dusted and vacuumed. we found a place to put almost everything. I still need to clean my closet but this is a huge undertaking. We also overhauled Mac's half of the attic (with his help.) I've done copious amounts of laundry all weekend so there will only be about 2 loads left today and I may or may not do them. ITSam cleaned the bathroom and I did dishes. He mopped the floor and I put away all that laundry. We worked hard. We did play some but mostly is was a cleaning weekend, all so I can be a bum tomorrow.

I got some super nice sheets for Christmas with a high thread count; these are a luxury and feel like silk. We put them on my bed. I shaved my legs. I have clean jammies. I have some of my favorite creamer and a clean coffee cup. Let the relaxing commence!



Curley said...

I hate to mention it but sometime between 10 and 3 you need to come and get that afghan. Have a great relaxing day.

Maggie said...

Curly- maybe Daddy-O will get it for me?

Anonymous said...

funny lady ....