Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I just want to party all the time

I love to plan and host parties.

I used to have Oscar parties. I don't know when it was that I stopped but I did used to have them. I think I hosted three or four at my house, when I lived in various places.

One time we all dressed in our Hollywood Glam, another time we had to dress as a famous Oscar MOVIE, and one time everyone came dressed as a favorite Oscar character.

We always had tons of food and drink. We would play games, mostly movie trivia. Sometimes, if the Oscar telecast was boring we'd play a drinking game. For example, everyone could drink a shot each time a presenter said "uh" or smirked at their own jokes and dialogue. Of course we would always try and predict the winners and I would give prizes to those who were right. We did door prize drawings for best costume or person who saw the most "best picture" nominees for the year. Two years I had trinkets as prizes and one year we did cash.

Good times.

I miss my Oscar parties. I used to love to throw parties. We had an awesome 4th of July party one year, complete with a clown for the kids, plenty of illegal booming fireworks, lots of booze and karaoke. We'll never let my dad forget his drunken chanting, "I'll have another one of those" each time a firework boomed. And we gave him another beer.

I hosted a surprise 30th birthday party for an old boyfriend. We had his family from Canada come as a surprise as well as plenty of friends. We grilled out, tapped a keg, and just a grand time. We even played softball in a field across the street. Fun times.

I was involved in a co-ed softball team and two years in a row we won the championship and had a big bash at our house.

One New Year's Eve I left Mac invite 10 boys to spend the night; they were 6. Every kid invited showed up. Who wouldn't want a free babysitter on New Year's, after all? We took a group photo of the kids and ironed it on tee-shirts, one for each boy. They had a midnight snowball fight. They had 1am pizza. They roasted hot-dogs and made smores over the fireplace. They watched ET. It was awesome.

When I lived in Northern Civilization, my home was like the old artist salons of yesteryear. I had people in and out all the time. We had poetry readings. There was always music playing or we played ball or Frisbee in the backyard. There was always much food and booze. We'd watch movies in front of the fireplace. We'd play board games. I had friends in and out all the time.

I used to host dinner parties, inviting a few friends and we'd dress up and share dinner. I'd drag out my "fancy pants" dishes and make something outrageous.

Next year I'm hoping to be in my own place and I plan on full scale parties. I want to do an Oscar party and of course a Fat Tuesday party. And a St. Patrick's Day. And 4th of July. And a Christmas open house. I love the decorating, the cooking, the planning, the people and the joy of hosting a an event and watching people have a good time.

Party girl,

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booknut said...

My birthday is coming up next month and Fab Finn's 1st birthday is in May. Want to help me plan parties?