Saturday, February 12, 2011

Where did the time go?

Here's the deal. I forgot to blog. Well, let me clarify. I didn't forget I just kept running out of time.

Curly and I went out together and got caught up since we hadn't been together for months. We had lunch, coffee, shopping and a bookstore visit.

After I dropped her off, I met ITSam and we went to Northern Civilization for a Valentine's date. We hit Best Buy for stuff for dad, and then a bookstore, the bakery and then dinner. After that we went to a chocolate shoppe for dessert then home.

It's late and I suddenly thought I didn't have a post written and scheduled to post. I sat down to write one now and I can't think of a thing. I also don't have the brain power to write anything thoughtful even thought I have some really good ideas.

I thought I would write about one of my 40 for 40 items but it's going to involve pictures.

I could write about dinner late night but I don't have the energy to form coherent, angry sentences.

So, I'll be posting this post about why I'm posting a crappy post about nothing.

And I don't promise that tomorrow will be much better because I'm driving a transport and leaving early and arriving home late. But I'll try.

Upcoming posts will feature:
  • learning to say no and my busy schedule
  • a bad dinner at Applebees and poor service from, who else, Wally World
  • the horrors of job interviews
  • political hope
  • the refrigerator
  • a 40 before 40 item
  • Princess Update
  • age

So, until then, here's a apology post for writing about nothing...

Suffering from brain dead-ness,



Evil Pixie said...

Can't wait to hear about the horrors of job interviews. I have a few of my own (as the interviewee and interviewer).

Curley said...

I had such a great time yesterday. Yes, the word is "NO, I'm sorry I just can't." I need to learn that sentence also. Take care and don't worry if you miss a day writing. We all understand.