Monday, February 7, 2011

What's in your wallet?

Does anyone other than me have a whole bunch of crap in your wallet?

Daddy-O gave me one of my mom's old wallets, ironically one I had given her as a gift and he hung onto it since it was pink and covered in shoes. I was getting ready to switch all my stuff from one to another and I didn't realize how much crap I had stuffed inside this thing.

After throwing out expired coupons, by train tickets from Italy when I was there in March 2009, old receipts and gum wrappers, I started sorting all the stuff to see what I needed to keep and what I could toss out.

Of course I have the obligatory family and friend pictures but I think I need to update these. The last one of Mac, he's about 10 years old. I found a picture with an old boyfriend that I dated more than 10 years ago.

Then there are all the "cards" and I don't mean credit ones. Seriously, every business these days has a card for something. I have a Kroger card which nets me discounts in the store. I get frustrated because I think they should just sell the stuff for the discount price and do away with the card process. The times I've been in line when someone hasn't used a card either the cashier lets the person use hers or someone in line hands theirs over. Stupid idea, I think.

I have a Panera Bread card that nets me random free desserts or drinks. I have a Hallmark card that gives me free merchandise, and I have a Speedway card which lets me earn points to spend on stuff in their store from fuel to candy to food. I think it's my most profitable of the three because I've gotten free gasoline lots of times, and more free drinks than I can count. I like my movie theater card because I get free popcorn!! I also have some other "cards" for other stores but half the time I can't remember to get them out until it's too late.

I have a stack of coffee house punch cards. With each drink, get a punch and then the 11th is free; I have these for 4 locally owned "mom and pop" type of coffeeshops. Of course there's my special gold club membership Starbucks card. It has my name engraved on it, I'm such a good customer. Buy 15 drinks and get a free one. You have no idea how many freebies I got last year. I'm embarrassed to even admit it. Now they give me free oatmeal, pastries and product discounts because I'm such a good customer. My Gold Starbucks Reward Card is like other people's Platinum American Express Card- I can't leave home without it!

I also have my Chamber of Commerce card which gets me discounts all over town. I have a driver's license of course, insurance for my car proof card thingy of course, Mac's health insurance card (new and 2 old ones...), my ATM card, a prayer card with the B-Attitudes (I always like that phrasing- it sounds like a band), and my ACLU membership card. Yes, when someone accuses me of being a "Card carrying member of the ACLU" I can pull it out and say "Why yes, yes I am."
There's also the obligatory piles of receipts to enter in my checkbook.

No wonder there's no money; who has the room even if I had any?



Curley said...

That reminds me of what I should do today. Clean out my wallet and update my check book. I think I can beat you in the "cards" department.

Bragger said...

I have the same problem! My wallet is packed with cards that I rarely use but can't get rid of.... JUST IN CASE!!! My wallet will hold everything except money. My purse has another pocket with a serious stack of MORE CARDS! I'll have to write a similar post. Happy Monday!

Jimmie Earl said...

Do you have a card that gets punched every time you have your oil changed? I do! But the place changed hands and the guy running it now, along with his toothless wifey, is a total asshat, so no more special deals for me. I won't go there!


Gulo said...

I have a 4-leaf clover I found years ago, and a couple 2 dollar bills-- unfortunately, that's pretty much the extent of the cash!

Maggie said...

Cheryl- There are cards for just about everything. And I don't even have a credit card!

Bragger- we women are nuts over this stuff! Maybe it's out repressed packrat within us?

JE- I wouldn't go there anymore either!

Gulo- oh a 4 leaf clover! That's so awesome! I used to have a $2 bill but I honestly think Mac spent it once, by accident.