Wednesday, February 16, 2011

33. Take a Yoga class

I finally did it; I probably won't do it again, but I finally did do it once.

I went with four friends. I felt moral support was important. And I also thought having a number of friends along was a good idea so I had people who would carry me to the ambulance waiting in the parking lot if I couldn't get un-pretzel.

I don;t think I my mind works in the right way for yoga. I appreciate the stretching and relaxing. I appreciate the mind set people should have about yoga but... well, I just couldn't get centered. I was very self conscious and found it hard to focus on relaxing. I was worried about my big butt in the air, even though I had a friend behind me. I couldn't lay there in a room full of people with my eyes closed; that was weird to me. And the lingo, the name of the positions, and new age music made me want to giggle. I wanted to be serious but I couldn't find my focus or find my center.

I could do all the positions and the instructor gave some interesting information about yoga. I liked the bending and the stretching parts. But the quiet and the dim lights, the funky music, and the over all 'granola' mindset (that's Mac's terminology) wasn't my thing.

It was so much fun that all my friends- two people from Alcatraz, my SisIL, and XRayGirl- went with me, though. It was good camaraderie.

I think part of my problem, other than being self conscious, was we had all made so many jokes I was having trouble being serious when I needed to be. We made jokes about "Downward Facing Dog". We wondered what would happen if someone farted. We wondered if we could get tangled and never get un-tangled.

I saw a zumba class in progress and I think I'm more of a zumba girl than a sitting -in -the -dark- with- candles- on- a -mat- trying- to- get- my- leg- behind -my -head- in- a- weeping- tree- position -yoga girl.


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Bragger said...

I've felt a little -- no, make that a LOT -- self-conscious at yoga too. I've had the same concern about someone farting, and afraid it would be ME! I can't believe what a work-out it is. I'll probably go back, but it's not an every-week thing.

Now zumba, that is more my style! I went again last night. If I ever manage to do some of those moves I will consider it a small miracle.