Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oooops, I did it again!

I swear I'm purposely NOT not taking a yoga class. I really WANT to take a yoga class!


(Yes, there's always a big "but." By not taking yoga, I have a big butt....)

But, on Monday I was asked to drive for cash for work. I looked at my Tuesday calendar and it was clear. I was searching the brain cells because it felt like I was supposed to do something but it wasn't written down so I thought I was mistaken. So I said yes to the driving (to the making cash.)

Then at lunch, my yoga partner asked if I would be mad if she backed out because it was the worst Tuesday for her: her son had a karate demonstration, her oldest daughter's violin lesson got changed, her youngest daughter had a doctor appointment, and then the two oldest kids had some sort of school open house thingy.

DOH- yoga! *head slap*

I told her what I did and we agreed it was fate to not go to yoga.

However, after school when I was getting ready to leave, I learned my drive was canceled- the parent couldn't make it due to the weather 2.5 hours of here was terrible. I already knew my yoga partner was out so I just bailed because I didn't want to go alone.

ITSam and I went out to dinner instead. Then we had what I thought was a discussion, which he turned into a disagreement, which somehow turned into a full fledged fight, because he's an idiot.

I should've gone to yoga and gotten all zen-ed out.

Next Tuesday......... yeah, I know. That's what I said last week!

Paving the road to hell with good intentions,


Bragger said...

I went to my second yoga class this past Monday. I wish I hadn't been in a position where I could occasionally see myself in the mirror. I'll keep trying, though!

Curley said...

Yeah, I think the Yoga thing was fate. You just weren't meant to do it this week. It will happen when its right. As for the discussion/disagreement/fight with ITSam, he'll get over it.