Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weather infringed on my alone time

Yesterday I had to go to Northern Civilization for a meeting and was supposed to have my later afternoon and evening free. I planned on hitting my favorite bookstores, coffee shop, a music store, a bakery and produce market, and then getting some dinner at a local brew house.

Foiled plans since I live in the Midwest which is being hammered with a snow storm that's being labeled as "The Possible Worst Blizzard Since 1979." That just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

After my meeting I went to Starbucks. I made some phone calls to check out the weather around home. Then...

No bookstores.

No music store.

No dinner at the brew house.

I stopped at the bakery and the produce market. I bought no produce since they were out of blood oranges but I did get an awesome seafood salad and a garlic pasta salad. And a gourmet cupcake.

Then I came home. I was glad I left when I did even though not a flake was falling there in N. Civ nor at home. But I was about 20 minutes from home when the wind kicked out and the snow just poured out of the sky like soap flakes out of Peter Brady's laundry box.

What should've taken me 20 minutes took closed to about 40 minutes. I picked Mac up at school and was inside the building for less than 10 minutes and my footsteps were already obliterated.

If this actually keeps up all night like predicted, we're gonna have a huge mess in the morning. We already have a 1 hour delay at Alcatraz... I was told by my administration even we might have a snow day! That's practically an act of God in a place like that!

So much for alone time; I didn't want to hang out with Jack Frost and Mother Nature!



Bragger said...

Peter Brady? Where did THAT come from?

I'll do my snow dance from here and pray for you to get a snow day. Or two. It's only fair, after all.

Maggie said...

Bragger- remember the episode where they made the "thanksgiving" movie? Peter shook the dried soap flakes to look like snow as the Brady Pilgrims (and Alice) all died?

Thanks for the snow dance. I'm really debating how I feel about a snow day. As of now Mac has to make his up and he's had 2. We have a "winter break" in a couple weeks and he has to be at school those days now because they're his "make up" days and I get to be home alone those two days, enjoying the holiday as long as we don't have any snow days. I think that's a pretty good trade off! ahahahahaha!