Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Here we snow again

Last week we were outside in sweatshirts. All the snow was melting. The sky was blue. It smelled nice. It was totally spring- like. We had the faux spring teaser for about 4 days.

Then yesterday happened.

It was raining when I woke up. Sometime in the morning I heard "ping" and "plunk" and "ting". The rain turned to ice. It was falling ice. Lovely. Not.

After the ice chorus segued into snow, it really came down. We had snow. Lots of snow. With flakes the size of George Foreman's fists.

Now everything is covered in ice with a nice layer of snow on the top. Nightmare weather.

Mac's school is on a two hour delay and Alcatraz is on a one hour delay, but we're all going to school.

I realize it's just February and we could have 2 more months of this crappola but I want to take this opportunity say I'm just tired of it.



Curley said...

Sorry you have to get out in this stuff. I guess I'll be staying home after all. Be carefull.

Evil Pixie said...

We had some of the white stuff this morning, too. Not much, but some. We haven't had much - which is a disappointment - but everywhere else has had quite a bit. While I enjoy snow, I don't enjoy the snow/ice combination. Good luck!

Wiley said...

2 more months?! Are you serious?


Mellodee said...

>Wiley: You've never lived in the Midwest, have you? :)

Maggie, you have my deep sympathy. Be sure to wear your boots, and a scarf around your neck. (That's what my mom always said to me. :)

Maggie said...

curly- lucky you to stay home!

Evil P- I'm an ice hater- unless it's in my highball glass!

wiley- i wouldn't lie... 2 more... shit.

Mellodee- she [Wiley] just moved here from Aussie-land.... and i was warm- believe me, I was REALLY warm!