Thursday, February 24, 2011

More random Thursday thoughts from a tired brain

I zumba-ed tonight and am so tired that I can't string together coherent thoughts so you get random stuff. I'm not sure my fingers can type. I think I'm really gonna hurt tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow I'm supposed to appear in court on behalf of Princess; this is a typical thing that happens not because she was in more trouble. Her court hearing is 5 hours away. We're supposed to have 2 inches of ice and then 6-11 inches of snow on the ground by morning. Her caseworker, who is doing the driving on this road trip, said we're going no matter what. I told her over my dead body would I let her jeopardize the safety of Princess. She asked how I would stop her from going. i said I'd call our company President if I had to. I emailed her this morning, after she was dithering around to me that she didn't know "what to do if it snowed here tomorrow." I suggested that she call the judge, talk to his clerk. explain the situation and see what happens. The judge would either say call us tomorrow to see if you got the weather, tough crap and be here, or give us a continuance. I'm betting on option three. I'm frustrated. I don't think she did her job and I don't think she should endanger lives because she doesn't want to make a phone call. Ugh! Furthermore, I don't want to go tomorrow if the weather is that bad.

I still haven't heard anything about the job. Ridiculous.

I filed my taxes and I'm getting a return and I can now finish Mac's FAFSA. Please pray we get a ton of money.

Mac announced he wants to buy a MacBook Pro to use in college. He's opting out of prom since I said I would give him the cash I would spend on prom to put toward the computer. Those things are $1500. I hope he gets a lot of money for graduation gifts.

I like the word maelstrom.

Tons of movies are being released on DVD next month that I want to see: 127 Hours, Black Swan, Faster, Inside Job, Morning Glory, Next Three Days, Switch, Tangled, and Fair Game.

Okay this is it. My brain is yogurt. And I want chocolate. Now.



Curley said...

I hope you don't have to take that long drive today. It's nasty out there for sure. I bet the court would understand that you don't want to put anyone in danger. If you do have to go just be really careful.

Lilith said...

Black Swan was AWESOME!!!!!

Bragger said...

I hope you enjoyed zumba as much as I do. I went again last night. Still can't do all of those moves, but I'm trying!

Lilith said...

I want to try Zumba! But I'm scared to death to take it in a class with a bunch of skinny women!

Maggie said...

curly- nope we stayed in town!

lilith- Mac said it was too!

bragger- I think it rocks and I don't think I'll ever learn all the moves!

lilith- there were some skinnys in our group but lots were my size a few heavier and quite a few who were overweight but not as heavy as me! i bet it's like that everywhere!