Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tired, tired, tired

How is it that I can't get enough hours in the day to make my world go around?

I drove to the southern part of my state to pick up some kids who got a home pass visit. I get paid to make this trip. I got to bring Princess along to ride shotgun. It was almost 60 degrees. The sun was out. The girls were all awesome. I had a good car to drive. We rocked it out to Lady Gaga on the way home. We laughed and giggled lots.

But we left at 745am and arrived home at 5pm. I took Princess to get picture prints made so we can scrapbook on Wednesday. Then Mac and Princess went to church youth group together. I had to stay the entire time, because of Alcatraz rules. (I waited in the car for 2 hours) Then I took her home, got pizza, saw my Bro & SisIL then finally made it home to eat, blog, do a load of laundry and watch some Grammys (which suck). I just sat down; I even stood up to eat dinner and it's just now 9:55pm.

I love all the time with Princess.

I am soooooooooooooo tired.



Curley said...

I know just how you feel. Maybe we should just run away for the weekend, get a hotel room and just sleep the whole time. Oh, I forgot and turn off the cell phone so that no one can get hold of you.

Bragger said...

It sucks when you have to cram everything into a short weekend. I wake up on Monday and ask, "What just happened here?"

Have a good week!