Saturday, February 5, 2011

Random observations

ITSam and I were told about a house for rent in a neighboring little burg. It's a little town about 10 minutes from Civilization,15 minutes from Southern Civilization, and 5 minutes from Alcatraz. The house isn't available yet. We didn't know the address but I knew the name of the street, Sam said he thought the owner said it was yellow, and we both KNOW it has a 3 car garage and 4 bedrooms. We thought we would drive down that street to see if we could figure out which house it was. I mean, really, how many houses could be big enough to be 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, with a 3 car garage, that might be yellow? The answer is 9, to be exact. 9! There are 9 huge houses with three car garages--- and 6 of those are a "variation" of yellow. We'll know in a few days when it's going to be available.

I bought a cupcake, a gourmet one, at a specialty bakery. I was saving it for an after dinner, pre-bedtime snack. I told everyone to not eat it. When I went looking for it, Mac had eaten it, claiming he didn't "hear" me say to not. I wanted to kill him. Oh yes, over a cupcake, I know is rather stupid, but add this to all his bad attitude, "I-know-everything-because- I'm- a- senior," senior-itis and I really just wanted to smack him on a regular basis. Can't we just tape their mouths shut until graduation? I say "they" because I have hope that misery loves company and other parents of seniors feel this same way. Please don't let me be the only one...

I'm loading pictures in my phone of people so when they call me, their photo pops up. I find it strangely ironic that every single picture I have of each person, they are all wearing red shirts. First, how weird is that? Second, is that a sign? Third, do you have any idea what that does to the OCD side of my brain? And the people for whom I don't have pictures, with the whole red thing hanging over me now?

We have a small, locally owned coffeeshop and I will only go if a certain barista is working. Seriously, I call and if K isn't working, I don't get a latte. I drink regular old, black Folgers. Sad, isn't it? She makes my drink the best and the rest of the employees sort of suck at it so I refuse to go otherwise. She's taking a week off soon and I'm in a panic. I might have to get up 90 minutes early one day to drive to Southern Civilization to go to Starbucks. (Logically I should go on a day when we have a snow delay for the time but it's rather illogical because- duh- we have a snow day so I shouldn't be out that early... yeah, what a dichotomy!)

I woke up this morning to find that more snow has fallen. And I am not excited. At all. In fact, it makes me sort of tired to think of it.

It's a good thing I don't live in Alaska because then I would be able to have even more shoes that I do now- snowshoes to be exact. Like I need one more "style". I can't even find my warm snow boots, now though. Maybe I should go boot shopping?

It makes me ANGRY that people pay to have their driveways cleared or they work outside for hours with a snow blower clearing away so they can get out and then the stupid, rude city plows pile a bunch of snow at the opening of the driveway.

Speaking of snowplows and Alaska, the not quite "sex scene" in the movie Mystery, Alaska (one of the coolest movies ever) is hilarious and takes place in a snow plow.

Hey, I warned you it was all random...


Amy said...

I have a senior with senior-itis, too! She informed us this morning, quite casually, that she was kicked out of the National Honor Society (three months before graduation) because she didn't bother turning in her service hours. She just didn't think it mattered....eeek! Just annoying!! Grades, meh....job, meh..., obligations, meh...
She's more work now that she has ever been! Maybe this is is breaking those apron strings so August will be easier?? I doubt it.

Curley said...

Thank God I don't like coffee, of any kind. Would you rather the street plows didn't clear out the streets? Your drive would be nice and clean but you wouldn't be able to drive down the streets. The solution is to wait till the street is clear to do the drive.

Evil Pixie said...

Take heart, I would have killed over the cupcake. ;)

Maggie said...

Amy- I'm counting the days till he goes- does that make me horrible? I would drop him at the doors today, actually!

Evil P- I almost did.... I almost did.