Friday, February 4, 2011

Lipstick Jungle

Pardon the gratuitous product placement, but as you can see, I have lots of "lip products." I'm not sure how it happened. I used to have 2 identical lipsticks, one in my purse and the other in the bathroom in my cosmetic bag. I used to have 4 identical Chapsticks, one in my purse, one at work, one in the bathroom, and one in the night table drawer. I have no idea when my lip coverage started multiplying.

It took years for me to find the right shade of lip stick, that goes with my hair and skin coloring and that I actually like. It's a bit brown but it does look good on me. I used to buy Mary Kay but it's expensive so I found a nice L'Oreal that works and is about a third of the price!

This time of year my skin, lips included, are so very dry. I try to keep something on them at all times. I've been on the quest for the perfect lip balm (not lipstick, mind you) for years and I think I finally found it. But first, a recap of what's worked and what hasn't!

These'll do:
The blue Chapsticks are located in the bathroom and in the night table drawer. And I like the blue one because of the smell and because it feels softer going on, which I realizes sound silly. It doesn't feel like a layer of wax sitting on my lips; it feels like it sinks in and moisturizes, unlike the black label one.

I bought the pink Chapstick Not pictured- I used the last of the tube up- sorry!), straight up and honestly, because of the glitter in it. I thought that was cool. I'm an idiot. But once I bought it I liked it because it has just a touch of color, it smells right and it was glittery. It also serves its Chapstick purpose, too.

The Bath and Body Works lip gloss was a gift and I just threw it in my purse one day. I don't wear it very often because it makes my lips feel gooey. And it's not a good color for me. Yes, it had glitter but gooey trumps glitter. (Princess LOVES the lip glosses from B& BW and doesn't think they're gooey at all. I wish I would've just given it to her before I used it!)

The thin stick of lip balm is not the right shade of pink and doesn't last very long. But I can feel it working, to the point of a hot/ cold tingling feeling. Maybe that's the menthol in it? It feels funny.

The long pink lip gloss has a wand. Someone gave it to me. It's also gooey but it smells nice. It doesn't do anything for lip moisturizing, though.

I think the best lip balm of all time are the small round ones. No these are not sex toys, but lip balms from eos. I love love love these. I stumbled on them completely by accident. I was reading a back issue of Elle and there they were.

First, they are so cute and fun looking. They have a nice scent but not color. They're organic! There's sunblock, 15 SPF, in them. They really work for moisturizing AND they're long lasting. I don't feel I'm applying them every few minutes. There's Shea butter in it. It's gluten free, for those who need that, and it's NOT tested on animals- how cool is that!?!

Since I saw it in Elle I figured it wasn't going to be available around here, in my small Midwest town. I figured it was a Bloomingdales product or some other exclusive store. I also figured it was going to cost around $50 bucks. OMG- so not true! These are sold at Walgreens, Krogers, Meijers, Wally World, and CVS!!!!!! And get this, the price is just $3.49 each!!!!!!!! This rocks!!! (Bragger, you totally must get some of this for the biking season!!!!!!! And if you have none of these stores near you, let me know!!!!!)

I love love love mine! I have the Sweet mint, Summer Fruit, and Honeysuckle Honeydew. I want the Lemon and the Tangerine, but I can't find those around here, and I've been to about a dozen places for those two 'flavors'. I got Princess the Summer Fruit and I think she's going to need the whole collection as well.

This stuff rocks. I'm gonna toss the yucks in the trash, finish using the Chapsticks I have, and never buy anything other than the eos lip balms again!

And my lips are so kissable!

Pucker up,


Bragger said...

I will have to try those. I too have lip balm everywhere: purse, make-up bag, car, bicycle, motorcycle, nightstand, table beside my chair... And one right by the kitchen to grab when I'm headed out for a walk. Thanks for the suggestion! (I can already see problems with applying it while I'm on my bike, though....)

Lilith said...

Thank you for this! I have seen these in Wal-Mart and wondered if they were like tubes of Carmex (which while good to use, I hate having to stick my finger in there and scrap it out).

I am SO getting some of these today when I go grocery shopping!!

Maggie said...

Bragger- the two hands it will take could be a problem I bet... but it's awesome!

Lilith- this stuff is awesome- you MUST get it. Summer Fruit is my fav right now!

Gulo said...

This may come as a shock...but I STILL live nowhere close to any of those stores, and my lips are KILLING me! They look like raspberries. :(

Maggie said...

Gulo-I'll take care of that!

Shan said...

I got one of these in my stocking at Christmas and also fell in love! They have the fruit and lemon at Wal-Mart but not the other two that I've seen. Isn't the shape so lavish to use? My kids love them too and were trying to get mine so I had to get more. My artsy husband got them strictly for the pleasing look but they were a hit in the stocking for sure. :D
Once I wanted to write a book recommending the best beauty products from the regular drug store brands because I liked testing and comparing. I quickly realized someone had already done it. baha I still enjoy the analysis though.

Maggie said...

Shan- these are the coolest things ever!!! I wish eos would give me some to send to everyone because I KNOW everyone would love 'em!!!!

Evil Pixie said...

Wow! The extent of my lip stuff is Burt's Bees Lip Balm. But, then again, the extent of my facial care is soap, water, lather, rinse, SPF 70.

Maggie said...

Evil P- I suggest trading in Burt for this!!

And my face routine and yours are similar. The only difference is I skip the SPF since I hate the outside and refuse to go there.