Thursday, February 3, 2011

Guess what I did yesterday?

This was supposed to a post about my first spin class that I took last night. But I didn't take a spin class last night because the weather canceled it. Is this a sign from the gods that I'm not supposed to exercise? Lose weight? Spin?

Instead, here is a pictorial view of my "snow day!"

Welcome to my snow day!

A perfect snow day breakfast!

Ice encrusted branches

A cold tree

An icy close-up

Almost deep enough to cover my shovel.

How much fell on the ground...

A nice clean sidewalk, or at least for a little while, before the next snow falls! (thank goodness for snow blowers and for ITSam who cleaned it all!)

Fed the birds some popcorn!

Fence glacier.

My bootprints in the snow.

A tasty snack!

Playing cards over coffee with ITSam

Of course, I was the victor!

More fun and games!

The best dinner!

Some entertainment!Finally, time for bed, after relaxing by the fire in my sock monkey jammies!

Hugs and snowy wet kissies,


Bragger said...

What a fun day! I love that you took pictures of it all. Fingers crossed that you can have ANOTHER one! I love snow days. Unfortunately, it requires that it snow, which I'm NOT crazy about.

Evil Pixie said...

Love, Love, Love this post! :)

Maggie said...

Bragger= alas, we were to only have one last week but that's okay. It was still fun, and now when mac is making up all his snow days, i still get to stay home one day while he's at school- bwahahahahaha!

Evil P- thank you!