Thursday, January 7, 2010

Okay maybe I'm a better mother than I thought

Yesterday Mac was sick. He got that stomach flu that seems to be ripping through the Midwest. It ain't pretty. I had it over Christmas break and I know from whence I speak- it was terrible and was not food poisoning.

He started feeling poorly late Tuesday night and couldn't stay out of the bathroom. He also complained of being hot and then freezing, and of hurting all over. Yup, stomach flu. He also said he felt like "blowing chunks." he felt so bad, I made up the couch like a bed because he didn't think he could make if from his bed to the bathroom without incident. Ewwwwwww!

So Wednesday when I got him up for school I knew it wasn't happening. He said he had been up most of the night, ill. And he told me his butt hurt and I stopped him there, not wanting any more details! I asked him if he wanted me to stay home with him and he said he would just sleep, and I was okay with that. I told him to call me at school if he needed ANYTHING. I also told him that when I had it 2 weeks ago, how glad I was that my dad what here with me because even thought I was 38 years old, with this flu, I didn't want to be left alone. He mumbled something about "I'll be okay" and he went back to bed.

I called him on my lunch break and he said he was still sick, threw up in the shower, and just felt weak and achy all over. I told him to go back to bed and call if he needed anything.

About an hour later I got a text message asking me if I could come home; he felt terrible, was shaky, and still puking. So, I told my boss, got my classes covered, and left. When I called him he said he puked some more, as well as saying, "Gawd, how can I just be pooping water?" GROSS! I told him there were some Jello cups in the fridge but he said he couldn't find them so he eat yogurt instead and threw it up. I can't even think about yogurt barf.

I bought some 7Up, Cherry and regular, some chicken noodle soup, more jello cups already made (because we all know I cannot make jello. Baked Alaska yes, Jello No), and some yogurt- that was for me. Then I went home and made him tea and dry toast, gave him some medicine, cleaned up the bathroom, and changed the TP roll. I also gave him jello and poured him 7Up. I got him a book from the library.

He told me while he felt dumb being 16 years old and wanting his mom home while he was sick, it was nice having me there to take care of him.

Now I'm gonna go make him some scrambled eggs with dry toast and see if that stays put. Poor kid.

So, maybe I'm not such a bad mom after all?



Curley said...

Never had a doubt that you are a great mom. Hope Mac feels better soon. Hope none of mine get this bug.

Evil Pixie said...

I'm definitely older than 16, but I still want my Mum when I'm sick. It's a comforting feeling to know that someone is looking after you, even when you are at your worst... heaving in the shower (been there, done that!).

Poor guy... I'm sending "get over it quick" vibes his way.

Lilith said...

Tell Mac he's no baby. When I'm sick, ok I don't want my mommy, but I sure as hell want my hubby there. And there have been a few times I have called him at work to beg him to come home cause it was so bad.

Shan said...

Oh no. Poor kid! And poor you over Christmas! That sounds like a horrible virus to deal with. I'm glad you were able to mother your Mac. No matter what age we are, being horribly sick alone could be even more uncomfortable. Hope he is feeling better today. :(

Oh, and what a little smarty he is eh? I'll bet he enjoys college more than H.S. if he finds something he is really interested in. Stay warm!

Maggie said...

Curley- thanks, and I hope ya'll don't get it either!

Evil P- thanks for the good vibes!

Lilith- I can understand not wanting your mom but the concept is the same of wanting your hubby!

Shan- it seems as of today we all feel better and are all well. Today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

And I worry for whatever college he attends- they have no idea what they're getting into- haha!