Thursday, January 7, 2010

A snow day... sorta!

So, last night the weather forecast was that we would get anywhere from 3-6 inches of snow, with gusting winds. This is what I went to bed thinking was going to happen.

Well, the weather folks were half right and half wrong. When I got up this morning at 6:30 am, it had only been snowing for about a half hour (according to everyone I talked to when I got to school, that was the time it started...) . We had what I would call a "dusting" of snow and it was certainly not blowing. I heard the snow plow pass lots of times and there was no school delay nor cancellation.

It has snowed all day long. If snow could be described as coming down in "sheets" like rain, then this would be such. It hasn't been some little flurries either; it has been a hard driving, pounding snow with no stopping. By 2pm today, we have about 6 inches of snow on the ground. AND IT'S STILL COMING DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!! The wind hasn't started blowing... yet.

As a matter of fact, it snowed so hard and accumulated so quickly that all the school systems in my county dismissed 2 hours early!

Who knows what tomorrow may bring? If it keeps snowing like this, we will probably have a snow day. If the wind starts in, the county kids will for sure be canceled and anything could happen in the city school systems. So, today I got to come home 2 hours early, which was pretty awesome.

According to our Doppler radar over my area (via the Weather Channel online, thank you very much technology!), it should taper off later this evening, but then start snowing and blowing again though the night to add another inch by morning, having a total accumulation of 6-8 inches in some areas. Then the wind is supposed to blow, up to 30 mph gusts. Then it's supposed to snow another 1-3 inches tomorrow afternoon. HEL-LO WINTER! Yikes!

These pictures were taken from the front porch at about 2pm today. You see all that snow? Only about half an inch was there this morning, to start out with! Holy White Stuff, Batman!

The tree in the front yard.

The neighbor's house and tree across the street. I used this as a "brown" background so you could see the snow coming down!

The again covered front sidewalk about ten minutes after Daddy-O and I scooped it clean! (See the pile of snow atop the lamp post?)

Thinkin' a blizzard,


Lilith said...

This fricken snow, had better stop and the street crews better get in gear cause we have a date this weekend damnit!!

Maggie said...

Amen to that, babe! I just keep pretending it will be gone when I open my eyes Saturday morning!

Daddy-O hired a guy who just came and plowed out the driveway, the pull off and the alley so we could get in and out. He thinks we should be good until it hits again... tomorrow. I woulda kicked him in the shins, but then I would've had to use the snow blower so I didn't. But i thought it, for saying such bad words about "more snow tomorrow!"

Evil Pixie said...

I'm so completely jealous over here. We had a lot of snow last year, and it was wonderful. This year... we had maybe an inch one day and it was gone the next. Having grown up in the stuff, it just doesn't seem like winter without it (I know... easy for me to say right now - I don't have a blizzard in my backyard).

Lilith said...

I would have aimed a lot higher than his shins!

What is it with us and planning to get together and then the weather goes all stupid and won't cooperate?

sam said...

I cannot imagine this. The pictures are beautiful though. It was 24F this morning...high in the forties. All my plants are gone.

They are talking snow here. Shit.

I have a wedding in Ormond Beach this weekend. I just want to stay home!

I bought my first blood oranges yesterday! Thought about you,


Bragger said...

Down here all it takes is a flake or two to close the schools. :) Some announced yesterday afternoon that they would close early TODAY, and it hadn't even STARTED yet. Tonight the flakes are drifting down, and like a kid I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that stuff freezes on the road and we can be out of school tomorrow. We've had two days in a row, for Pete's sake! :)

How's Mac?

Maggie said...

Evil P- after this bunch of snow, I'll be happy to forward what we get to you! or come for a visit- I'll be happy to share some space, and some snow!

Lilith- we are women, we are strong, we are powerful, we will win over the weather. Or so I keep telling myself. Yeah, I know, I often lie to myself....

P- OMG! YOU'RE expecting snow? Geez Louise! that is so not right! Stay in and keep the heat on and warm lots of warm clothes.

And I'm sorry to hear about your plants; I hope you can get to the wedding!

And I am monstrously jealous over your blood oranges. So far all the ones I've tasted here are either sour or mealy. Damn. Guess i need to go back to Ireland! haha! (Or Florida!)

bragger- I hope you get the snow day! that would be awesome- please take pictures of your snow!

Mac's good; thanks for asking. Late last night the scrambled eggs stayed in his stomach where they belonged; and he went to school today and reported to me that he was "free from the runs." TMI...