Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ain't no mountain high enough

When Mac was about 5 or 6 years old, he had a "thing' for Motown music. And he loved the song "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. I had a CD with that song on it and he would beg me to play it. And then when I did, it was hilarious. I wished I owned a video camera back then.

He would dance all around the living room singing at the top of lungs until the first chorus and then I had to sing with him. I would also have to dance with him and we would toss pillows and blankets around the room as we would sing and dance and spin. We had long curtains and he would get in those and run out and sing. And at the "bridge" in the song, he would hop on the couch and jive. Then we would collapse on the floor in hysterical giggles, and he would beg me to "play it again" and we would do it all over. After about the third or forth time, I had to give up. It was the cutest thing ever. This went on for MONTHS!

Then he saw the movie Stepmom (starring Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon) and he was so upset because they "stole" his song- his and mine, he would say.

So last night I'm in the kitchen fixing dinner and I had my iPod on its iHome (yes my iPod has its own home but I don't... and yes, I see the humor in that. Sort of.) playing music. I had it set on shuffle and guess what kicked up? Marvin and Tammi! I ran to the living room and tried to get Mac to sing with me and dance around. He just sat in a chair, gripping the arms (like I could pry his butt out even if I wanted!) and he thought I was on drugs. I was trying to explain and see if he remembered his "routine" from when he was little and he didn't. He also asked me if he was gay when he was 6 years old since it sounded like a homosexual thing to do. He was laughing and mortified all at the same time as I told him. And he did NOT get up and dance with me. He wouldn't sing either. Hmmmmmmm, I wonder why my almost 6' tall, about 220 lbs 16 year old son wouldn't want to dance in the living room with his mother?

He said I am no longer allowed to listen to Motown when he's in the house and if I ever tell another soul about this, he'll run away from home forever and hide all my shoes before he goes.

But he doesn't know about my blog, now does he?

Ah memories,

On another note...


Anna said...

definitely not "cool" to do such a thing at 16! At least you have memories :-)

sam said...

Hi there,

You sent me down memory lane! I just listened to a bunch of Mr. Gaye via youtube!

He'll dance with you again in about 20 years!


Maggie said...

Anna- darn that whole being "cool" thing!

Sam- Nice to see you again! and I hope he'll dance with me again in 20 years, but maybe not the bouncing on my couch sort of dancing, though.

Wiley said...

Such a great song! And I am still laughing about Mac's comment about whether he was gay when he was six. Brilliant!

Maggie said...

Wiley- he is a funny kid sometimes... and of course when he made the comment, he did it in what he calls his "gay" voice- a high falsetto. Ah boys!