Sunday, January 10, 2010

Girl's Day Out- Day 2!

So this was a total girls' weekend out because today I headed to Southern Civilization with XRayGirl. She and I hit the Starbucks for our energy supply and then it was off to the mall. We had a four pronged purpose: exchange a pair of pants that Daddy-O got for Christmas that needed exchanging, visit a book store which is going out of business so everything is 50% or more off, to go to the Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale, and to get pedicures!!!!!!!!

Yes, I wanted a pedicure in the winter when mostly no one but me would enjoy it. I know a summer pedicure makes more sense since I own, and wear, about 30 pairs of flip-flops. BUT I wanted a pedicure. My feet hurt, they were dry, and the poor old dogs just needed some TLC!

XRayGirl had never had a pedicure before so after completing the first three items on the list, we went to the salon and signed in. There was only one pedicurist in today so we had to take turns. We sat with our feet in the foot spa, drinking our Starbucks, relaxing in the massage chairs... it was bliss.

I went first since XRayGirl hadn't had such an experience she wanted to see what was going to happen. So I was trimmed, filed, pumiced, massaged, soaked, cuticled, exfoliated, and polished- then I had to dry while XRayGirl got her toe treatment!

Here I am drying:
All in all, it took about about 2 hours in the salon but when we were finished, we were super happy. Two hours sitting in salon massage chairs was awesome- we talked about everything under the sun and solved all the world's woes, and decided that I should never sign up for eHarmony because I would scare men- I think you had to be there to get the general gist. And we howled with laughter to the point where everyone else was laughing at along with us.

There was a young couple there getting pedicures together- a man and a woman couple. Yes, HE got a pedicure as well, but he didn't get his toenails painted. XRayGirl and I giggled, even though we thought it was sweet, but we did figure that she had promised him a blow-job if he agreed to a pedi. We couldn't figure out any other way such a non metro-sexual guy would be willing to do that.

We said there is something great about a pedicure makes a woman feel all girlie and special, which there is nothing wrong with at all! And I picked a color called "Red Hots" which is a nice bright red. Here are several views of the finished look:

With my purple sexy shoes and a few toe rings...

I didn't realize how cute these shoes were with jeans!
I love to be barefooted, but it's tough to do since it was a high of 7 degrees today- but for the sake of the picture, I thought I should show you bare feet!

And yeah, I have a tattoo.

So after pedicures and the "mall" experience, we went to Pizza Hut for carry out and home to our respective families. I'm a firm believer a day out with a gal pal is some of the best ways to spend time, and I was lucky to do it two days in a row- go ME!

So, I'm going to pour myself a Cosmo and admire my toes before I head to bed. Hope you all had a cheery Sunday!


PS: Oh, yes, I should tell you that there was a third guest along with us, who didn't get a pedicure because he doesn't have toenails...



Curley said...

Ok, now I am jealous. Just kidding. Sounds much better than what I did today. Food shopping and laundry. But I'm down to the last load. Yeah!

Wiley said...

Sounds awesome! I am jealous and wish I had been there. I almost stopped for a pedicure on the weekend but didn't have the time - I should have made it.
And thanks for your good thoughts, too.

Anna said...

oh sounds like a good time! I really would love to get a pedicure someday ... I LOVE being barefoot :-)