Saturday, January 9, 2010

Girls' day out

Lilith and I had a out today, finally, after a month of planning. We finally got all of our kids well, ourselves well, school done, and started up again and the holidays completed... we NEEDED a girl's day out!

We battled the cold and met at an outdoor mall in Northern Civilization. We were going to have a nice hot soup and sandwich lunch at Panera Bread until we saw the lane. I think everyone had that same idea since there wasn't an empty table in the joint and the queue was 6 people deep. So we gave up on that idea and just went to a steak joint, which was yummy.

We sat there and gabbed for hours and then headed to Barnes and Noble for some browsing. And there we saw the slight petite man in turquoise jeans. Like from the 1980s. That usually women wore. In the 1980s. But they were on a man. I thought she and I were both going giggle ourselves stupid. TURQUOISE pants!!!!! What in the hell was he thinking?!?

We also saw Leap Year, which was a cute and predicable romantic comedy (but I love Amy Adams!) but ya'll know I LOVE those, and Lilith indulged me. It was cute, sweet, and charming, but I must say that your $7 would be better served on something else.

I bought myself a 2010 calendar- it's so cute: 365 days of purses! I was looking for shoes but that was all sold out so I went with my #2 favorite fashion accessories. And it was $4 so what can beat that?

And speaking of purses, we hit a shoe store that sells shoes, purses, some jewelry and if I would've have $44 I would own a pair of brown suede knees boots with fur trim! OMG- they were adorable, and in my size!

Lots of food, lots of laughs, lots of fun, despite that nasty cold weather!



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely day. I could use one of those...

Wiley said...

Sounds like a great day out! I love browsing in book stores... sometimes the fellow customers are hilarious - and there are many tall shelves to hide behind in case you giggle too loud.

Were the turquoise pants (I laughed just typing that) teamed with a particularly lurid pink shirt perhaps? That would have been awesome.

Curley said...

Did Daddy-O tell you about the purse store in the Mall we were in yesterday? And did he show you the sports coat he got? Very nice.
Glad you had a good time. Today is laundry and shopping. Fun.

Maggie said...

TT- if you were closer, you could go along! go grab you galpals and make a day of it!

and thanks for commenting!

Wiley- he had on a leather (or pleather?) jacket, like a winter coat, not anything stylish. The black tennis shoes with the Velcro straps were the clincher though...

Curley- Daddy-O did indeed show me the coat which is quite dapper! And he did tell me about the purse store; I'm thinking XRaygirl and I might have to run in there soon!

And thank you for all the softy warm woolens you make me! I love them! (And certainly need this this dang cold winter!(

sam said...

Glad you had fun! I didn't make the wedding. There was talk of ICE on the bridges and it freaked me out to drive over there. It did snow in Ormond Beach yesterday! That's where the wedding was. Orlando and Ocala both had snow too. None here. Today is beautiful. It's 42F. I must be getting used to it!


Lilith said...

Purse store? WHERE!!!!!

Anna said...

oh I'm so jealous! I want a girls day with Lilith :-) heck someday I need to come down and hang out with you the both of ya!