Friday, January 8, 2010

Who pressed their buttons?

Jack Frost, is who!

The kids were WILD today! We had a two hour delay so the school day was short 2 hours, obviously, which means we ran on a shortened class schedule. Each period was about 35 minutes each, and for some insane reason that only Board Members must understand, we had classes out of order-- period 4 was first, period 3 was second, period 2 was third, period 1 was fourth, lunch, period 5 was fifth and then we were back in order. WTF?!? Who thinks of this stuff?

So between the bassackwards schedule, a 2 hour delay, the snow, it's a Friday... the kids were totally bananas! They just would not settle down nor would they shut up. Wow, I just was shocked because most of the classes are quiet and laid back but today- dang, trying to get them to do anything was an exercise in futility.

I even wrote my very first referral today. LiarKid has repeatedly told me he has all his homework done so he can play on the computer when he really hasn't got it all done. I would find out later that he didn't haven't it done. So today I asked him if everything was done and he said yeah. SO I asked him if I went to every one of his teachers would they tell me he got it done, and he said yeah. I told him I was gonna do that and if I found out he was lying to me, I would write him up. He said okay and then he played on the computer. Guess what?!? He lied! He had his language arts and his science done but not math. So I wrote him up, made him sign it and turned it in. LiarKid told me he only had three math problems left and I said I didn't care- he shouldn't LIE to me, ever, and if he only had three problems to go, he could've still had time to play on the computer. I asked him if a referral, being banned for the computer for a week, and 2 nights of detention was worth it and he just rolled his eyes at me.

I think it was the payback for having an early dismissal and the 2 hour delay. Paybacks are hell.



Curley said...

I think the reason is, they think with only 35 minutes in each class, "Why bother?" As for the out of order classes? I think they did that after one year when they had a lot of 2 hr delays and the kids missed a lot of the morning classes all together.

Bragger said...

It seems the kids are so disappointed they had to go to school, they take it out on their teachers. Or they blame the teachers for their having to be there in the first place. Kids are dumb. Administrators are dumber.

Lilith said...

There are times I wish I could write referrals, now I just get to kick people out of my class if they act up. Especially, cause I have a whole page of "Classroom Policies and Procedures" and my dept. chair told me, as long as that's in place I can do what I want. LOL

And what is it with kids today, and rolling their eyes. I swear if I had to constantly look at that I would end up poking someone's eyes out!

Evil Pixie said...

35 minutes? How are you suppose to do anything educational, especially for kids that age, in 35 minutes? Yikes!