Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back to the salt mines (and a meme!)

Well, we were back to school yesterday. For a full day. Wow. And if everything goes according to Hoyle, then we're scheduled to have a regular school week. School for 5 days for all day. I don't know if I can handle it. Oh gee.......

I can't handle it because I won't be in school on Thursday (maybe Friday) due to my dental surgery.

And it's snowed like mad all day yesterday. Sunday it was 50 degrees outside and we had thunder storms- THUNDER STORMS, I say- in January! And then Monday it snowed so hard it covered the grass again, but wasn't sticking to the pavement, until about bed time last night (which came early, like when I just fell asleep around 9pm, doing absolutely nothing....ugh, I hate Mondays!).

Mac is hoping for another snow day today. Can't say I blame him. He's hating school lately; I think he's just sick of school and bored right now. And he's begging to be home schooled. (I think not.)

And since I don't really have anything else to write about this minute, here's a meme, stolen from The Queen's Meme.

I'd like you to take a look at the what makes you happy and brings you joy. Pretend you are talking to a new friend. Aanswer the questions as enthusiastically as you can and share with your friend what 'lights your fire'. Recommend your favorites, what you're passionate about - and tell us why. If it's too hard to choose just one, narrow it down to the best of the best. Everyone who reads your answers will not only get a better sense of who you are but we might be inspired to check it out upon your expert recommendation. I like learning something new everyday. If you open the door of my imagination, I just might step through. Tell me!

1. Which historical figure do you admire the most? Why?
When I hear historical figure I think political person for whatever reason. Of late, as I've been assisting in an 8th grade social studies class and having lived in the Wild West, I would like to learn more about 1) Meriwether Lewis, who was part of the Lewis and Clark expedition. People think he committed suicide 3 years after his return so I would like to learn more about him. I would also like to learn my about Sacajawea, who also led the Americans on that trip, while pregnant and then toting her new born child. Wow!

2. Name the band or artist you'd like to see live in concert before you leave the planet or tell us about a concert or album that has already rocked your world.
I would love to see Eric Clapton. Uh hello? Mr Slow Hand himself was in at least four bands (Cream, Blind Faith, Derrick and the Dominoes, and the YardBirds) before going solo. And who knows how many bands he was in before the Yardbirds. OMG- amazing!

3. What's your favorite television show or series of all time? Why should I care?
I'm not sure if it's my favorite tv show of all time, but it's close. I just love Sex and the City- the shoes, the friends, the sex, the men, the humour, Mr. Big- love it all!

4. Movies! What should I watch this weekend? Should I watch it alone or with someone?
One of my favorite DVDs right now is Julie& Julia- Amy Adams and Meryl Streep are both talented women and this was just a delightfully fun film. And I think you could watch it alone, but with a close GF would be the most fun!

5. You are hopping on a plane tomorrow morning. Where did you choose to go and why?
I would go to... England- first! I've always wanted to see England so I would do London first. Then I would take a short flight to Dublin to see what I missed the first time, then a train to Blarney to the Stone and to the Castle, then take a train to NI to see friends. Then I fly to Paris for a few days. Then the train to Austria, Greece, Amsterdam (no particular order, mind you) but I would want to Italy last, and do it from top to bottom. All because I just want to.

6. Who is your favorite author? What about their writing inspires you or simply entertains you? Recommend at least one book that you feel I must read.
I love Christopher Moore. I think he's just hilarious. He's not afraid to tell a story that is absurd nor is he afraid to tell a story just for the sake of making the reader laugh. I think Fool is one of the best books ever written- a parody of King Lear. Amazing, raunchy, fun, silly and just GREAT! If a person reads nothing else this year, I say read Fool!

7. Hobbies and passions. What brings you joy in your spare time? How did you get into it?
I love quilting. I originally wanted to learn from my Grandmother and her friend Rosie but she died before she could teach me. So I dated a guy and his mother quilted and she bought me my first set of fabrics and a book. Then when I lived in the Wild West I finally actually learned- mostly from students and friends!


Curley said...

OOH! Eric Clapton! Yeah!

Cooper said...

Christopher Moore rules!!! Great answers...

Jamie said...

Mentioned the "guitar gods" in my answers but just love, love Eric Clapton though I went with Ry Cooder and Keith Urban. Great answers to some pretty hard questions.

Cheryl said...

I'd love to see Bruce Springsteen and U2. And I'd go to Paris first, then wherever impulse takes me....