Sunday, January 3, 2010

Whiny ramblings, with music!

Snow sucks. I was going to hang out with Lilith (aka Hecate) today but the weather has thrown us a loop. I think one or both of us would be stuck if we could get in the same spot. Wait, that could be fun!

No, but seriously, she and I are much more responsible than that and won't get together because of the bad weather. So much for the manicure and pedicure. My poor feet are yelling at me already, that how dare I get them all excited and then abandon the plan. My poor dogs may never forgive me.

I'm not even sure how hard it's actually snowing but it's windy and blowing and it's the drifting I'm worried about, more than anything. You know the song lyrics "snowin' and blowin' up bushels of fun" in "Jingle Bell Rock"? They obviously did not live in the Midwest in January because snowing and blowing does not make bushels of fun- it's makes drifts, stuck cars, low viability, and white outs.

Well, in other news, I don't have to go back to school until Tuesday. That's pretty awesome. I'm not ready to go back. I really like sleeping in. Maybe I've been out of work to long and re-adjusting to work again is taking a toll. Maybe there's a pill for that?

I watched District 9 on video last night and it was scary. I didn't like it at all. It was terribly violent and just... harsh. Maybe I didn't like it because it would be how humans would actually deal with 1.8 million aliens landing on Earth. I don't know.

And speaking of movies, I went to the theater and saw Up In The Air yesterday. I wanted it to be the best movie I've seen all year. It was good and certainly award worthy, but it was just sad and daunting in the economic hardship that is America this year. I knew what it was about when I went but I didn't think it would be that stark of reality. And it wasn't the best movie I've seen all year, though it was certainly one of the better. I think the best movie I've watched this year was Julie& Julia. I'm waiting for Hollywood to dazzle me with something that makes me leave the theater going, "Wow! I can't wait to see that again! OMG!" and I haven't had that reaction to a film in a very loooooooooong time!

So this is one of my favorite songs off the new Bon Jovi album The Circle. It's called "Superman Tonight." I was hunting to find the actual music video and couldn't come up with it, but I thought this was a pretty cool live performance. I'm a total Bon Jovi fan. They were popular when I was in high school so I just can't help it! I've seen them in concert 3 times and I'm going to admit it here; I'm gonna try and see them on The Circle tour either through Eventchaser or I'll buy my own ticket. I think Jon Bon Jovi is still a cutie, even after all these years.

Have a happy Sunday! In spite of the whiny tone of this post, I do have a good book to read and I think I'm going to rent a movie or two and just hang out and take it easy.



Lilith said...

I think after being out of work, it does take awhile to get to a new schedule. I can definitely attest to that!

Bragger said...

I read everything except what you said about Up in the Air. I still want to see it, but I didn't want to have my opinion colored. :)

I'll get back to you on the book thing.....

How about a virtual book club or something?

Cheryl said...

Ditto sleeping in. It's one of life's great pleasures (besides eating, shopping, sex etc.) Thanks for visiting my blog (and for posting my link!) I'm trying to catch up on all my blog reading today and you are visit numero uno. I agree with you on Up In The Air. Hoped it would be funnier than it was, but it was rather a downer. Hope Avatar (might see it tomorrow) will be better.

Maggie said...

Lilith- I got used to being a sloth!

bragger- go see Up in the Air and then tell me what you think. I'm curious!

And Lilith and i have been cooking up a virtual book club idea and when we have it sorted, I'll shoot you an email to see what you think!

Cheryl- Up in the Air was so dismal. Darn it!My son saw "Avatar" and said it was spectacular!!!!!! Another friend of mine said it was visually amazing, and rarely can you go wrong with James Cameron. Hope you enjoy it!

And thanks for reading me first. What an ego boost! haha! Love ya!

i really really loved your post about the new year and your decade review. it really spoke to me. I just thought I'd tell ya again!