Monday, January 25, 2010

Nothing worse than a toothache

I broke a tooth awhile ago and then the whole side of my mouth started hurting AND then this week it swelled up. And have been dragging my feet about having it all fixed. I hate to go to the dentist. It scares me to death. Seriously, scares me more than just about anything I can think of. That's why it's been years since I've gone. I had a bad experience as a child, and I just hate going.

I'm not going into my horror stories because 1) if you hate to go to the dentist I don't want to feed your fears either; and, 2) I don't want to hear your horror dental stories to make my fears worse.

Of course, it hurts like hell so I had an emergency dentist appointment. Mac said he would take me since, he said, "I was his responsibility." He was brave and strong for me, even though his mother was a wuss and was on the verge of tears and my hands shook like I was going through withdrawals. At age 38 I still cry when I go. Even when my rational intelligent brain works I still cannot over come the fear. But he did use his own money to take me to breakfast afterward since I was brave and didn't cry.

So I went to the dentist on Friday. (What a crappy way to spend the snow day, BTW. )

Well, I survived. But, I will be going back many times in the future. But my dentist today, a new one since I haven't gone since I moved back here, is super nice and she was so kind and gentle. Her nurse was also amazing and she knows I had dentalphobia (Curley made my appointment for me since I was so upset I couldn't even talk on the phone and she warned them I was almost hysterical). The nurse held my hand and explained everything that was going to happen today, took my x-rays and did the pre-exams. Then she gave me a hug. i met with the dentist who read the x-ray, explained everything and looked at my mouth too.

I have an infection due to a tooth with "issues" inside the tooth and it's not even the broken one! That tooth is going to have a root canal next Thursday and I have to see a specialist to do that who is going to sedate me for the procedure. Then I have to go back to my dentist (Dr Nice Person) and she'll put a crown on it. The broken tooth is a wisdom tooth and in 2 weeks I'll be seeing a dental surgeon who will be doing an extraction while I am also under sedation. I have a prescription to clear up the infection and she gave me Vicodin. It's going to be a long two weeks- prepare for whining.

It is also going to be expensive. I have no dental insurance so after all the stuff that's going to happen it'll cost me about $2500. That so sucks. I know I'll feel better and I have been freaked out about this for a long time so I know mentally I'll feel better as well as physically and mouth-wise, too. But my wallet is going to take a smack, for sure. My own fault, I know, but it still hurts in so many ways. This is going to just kill my tax return plus some; so much for going back to Europe this summer, damn it.

So there you have it. My dental experience, part 1. I probably won't blog on Thursday unless I do it before hand. And I won't be sharing my horror stories because it will be gross, and because I don't want to hear anyone else's. Send good thoughts to me, please. Even if I don't deserve them.

Chicken little,


Curley said...

Ok, first you do too deserve good thoughts. Second, you could have been going to the dentist twice a year every year since you were a year old and still have the problems with the teeth. Well except for the infection cause they would have found the problem before the infection. And wisdom teeth usually have to be taken out at some time anyway. So why do we have them and why do they call them wisdom teeth?

Bragger said...

What ironic timing. I had to go to the dentist today, and I thought about you. :) I don't hate it like you do, but it's time I could have spent line dancing.

Evil Pixie said...

OMG! I went through something similar a few years ago. I broke a tooth (and didn't know it). So life went on, but suddenly I had this pounding tooth ache. A couple days went by, and I couldn't even close my mouth. We went to the hospital (because it was the weekend and no dentists were open), and the first doctor that saw me said it was a "toothache" and gave me a pain killer (which didn't help at all because I was already taking Vicodin). A second doctor came by (not knowing I had already been looked at) and said I actually had blood poisoning. They put me on something like 4000 mg of penicillin per day. The next day I went to the only dentist who would see me - who also happened to be a kids' dentist. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the land of Hobbits. Everything was literally child-size (and I'm 6-foot!). Not even the gas mask fit over my face! To top it off, he didn't want to remove the tooth because it was too infected and he couldn't numb me. He doubled the penicillin and gave two more painkillers. The roof of my mouth was swollen, and there was this huge sore. Bacteria had gotten in through the broken tooth, into the root, and the infection had spread. Two days later, he removed the tooth and I felt nothing except a slight bit of pressure. A fantastic dentist but a crappy way to meet him.

Maggie said...

Curley- thank you... and I have no idea. I always wonder why the body has stuff we don't need the appendix, wisdom teeth, tonsils, and the spleen... I say we blame the HMOs in the Garden of Eden. ;)

Bragger- line dancing?!?

EvilP- Uh...... did you not get the part about me not wanting to hear 'freak me out even more stories'? glad it worked out well for you though...

Evil Pixie said...

Hahaha! Actually, I was hoping you would have embraced the "fantastic dentist" part. I HATE going to the dentist (long story), but I finally found one who is understanding enough to realize this and compensate for it.

Shan said...

Maggie it is going to all go just as smoothly as the first appointment. They've got you all lined up with specialist and drugs and people to hold your hand. It sounds like you've got good people.

I was(am still?)a dental assistant/surgical assistant and have seen more people with your same exact fears so I know they are real and horrible. The drugs and the gas will keep them from being too memorable as well but the $$ part will suck any way you slice it. Boo

I wish I could come and be a soothing voice and help with your next appointments. You can do it!!! :)
p.s. I'm the SAME way when it comes to the Gyno just so you know. I probably have cancer every which way possible because I can't make myself go in there due to a scarring experience I had there.

Maggie said...

EvilP- ohhhhhhhhh that part?!? I'm glad you found your guru dentist!

Shan- how about if you come here and take me to the dentist and I'll come there and take you to the obgyn?

Or maybe I could call you and you could talk to me in an ear piece... LOL! though you might not want my voice in your head for your appt!