Friday, January 22, 2010

On another note

Lately you might have noticed I've been poking some You Tube videos in with a random post, here and there, with a tag line lead-in "on another note".

Well, those are there, not for the video but, for the music. Sometimes I want to tie a song I like in with a post I wrote, if I can sort of tie them together. Please notice I said I was tying in a SONG I like, not a VIDEO I like.

I'm not a fan of the music video and I am especially not a fan of You Tube. I just have never really gotten into music videos. When I was a teenager MTv hit the airwaves and it was a fascinating medium. As a kid MTv was all about music videos and they played all the time, except for an occasional hour when Kurt Loder did the MTv music news. Otherwise, it was MUSIC. That was cool. And, as I remember, when all us neighborhood kids watched MTv it was more to learn a new dance move rather than liking videos. As I've gotten older I've watched my fair share of music videos between CMT, MTv, and VH1 and I am just not a fan. I don't "hate" music videos, specifically, but it's not something that can hold my interest enough sit and watch a bunch of videos. I'd rather listen to music from the radio, IPod, CDs, or the 'net so I can do other things. Music isn't a "visual" for me.

Those videos are only here on my blog because I am not technical nor blogger savvy enough to do what I really want to do. What I really want to do it to be able to put a song I like on an occasional post and let the reader decide to click to listen or not. I usually do NOT enjoy blogs that have music on them that starts up automatically when I load the page, so I don't want that. I would just like to stick a song on a post with an "option" to listen. Since I have NO idea how to do this, I keep embedding videos.

What also irritates me about my lack of knowledge, is that since I can't do what I want and find I'm stuck using YouTube, I get really frustrated when I can't load the video I want because it's waaaaaaaay to wide to fit on my blog- I hate it when the video spills over into the sidebar. Then I have to go back and find something else.

Instead of complaining about it, I should probably stop trying to add music, I suppose. Maybe instead of complaining, I'll consider this a plea for help so if anyone knows how to do what I want, you can tell me. Please.

Musically challenged,


Bragger said...

I don't like those blogs either with the automatic music. If you want to make the video fit, you have to edit the HTML code. That's as far as my knowledge goes. Ha ha

Lilith said...

I'll look around today and see what I can find. I'll email you if I come up with anything.

I know exactly what you can use, I just have to find it!

Maggie said...

Bragger- you lost me as "edit HTML code"...

Lilith- awwww, that would be AWESOME! thank you! you do realize then you're gonna explain to me how to work it, right? LOL!

Lilith said...

Yes I know I'll have to explain it to you. And I can also help you with the editing HTML stuff to get the video clips to fit.

Maybe if this nursing thing doesn't work out I should switch to Computer Information Systems. LOL