Friday, January 8, 2010


It's just a snow delay... it did snow a little through the night and the wind died down so the plows worked overtime. Mac is even going and his school is in the middle of a field. It must not be too bad.

But I guess the upside is that I'm not going to school in the dark. And the day is 2 hours shorter.

Guess I better get dressed.


sam said...

Hi there,

No snow or flurries. Then they thought sleet but it warmed up to 40F. It's rainy today so very damp.

Supposed to be cold until next week. Hope you enjoyed your delay!


Bragger said...

I'm sorry for you. We did indeed get our snow day, and I'm almost too embarrassed to post the picture of our "snow" on my blog later. But I will!

Cheryl said... least it's Friday!!!

Maggie said...

P- glad you didn't get your nasty weather after all! well, at least not AS nasty as it COULD be!

Bragger- you got your snow day? Not fair! you suck! ;)

Cheryl- amen to that sister!