Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Alight, I wasn't going to have a book blog and I wasn't going to have a movie blog and now I have both and maybe even 2 book blogs!

It's all Lilith's fault. And some of it's Bragger's fault, too.

First... I wasn't going to do the movie blog; I was just going to post a review of the movies I watch on here, at the bottom of this blog. But then I was deleting stuff I wrote and I try to write every day and sometimes it's good stuff and other times it's shite, but I like to keep most things I write for comparison to... well, other stuff I write. Okay, you're all writers, you so you "get" this. Then Lilith found an AMAZING blog template for movies. And I've already watched 4 movies this year (2 on DVD and 2 in a theater) so I figured, 'what the heck' and I made a movie blog. You can see Reel Reviews 2010 right here, if you want. My former movie blog hardly had any followers but I couldn't help it, I just like to keep track of stuff. It's mostly for me, but I do get an occasional random hit, and sometimes a few of you would read, so please have a read, become a follower even if you don't follow. It'll make me feel better.

And now the book blog. Or book blogs. I blame Lilith and Bragger for both of these. First, I wasn't going to have a book blog because I was going to just write my reviews and keep track of my reading through a website called GoodReads. It's very cool and many of you have joined and are listed as my "friends" on this site, which is also wonderful- and I thank you! But there are some features I don't like on it. I also got into the book blog habit, and some habits are hard to break.

So Lilith (aka Hecate) and I've had an off again/ on again book club made up of the two of us over the last year. We agree on a book and we both read it, then we have dinner and talk about the book. It's cool and we usually get something that would interest us both, or at least would expand our horizons. Then she and I had this shared brain cell thing happen. We emailed each other at about exactly the same time with the idea of a virtual book club. And Bragger mentioned it on Goodreads, on the same day. Uh-huh. Great minds think alike, eh? So, she and I are planning a virtual book club and more details are right here at the group blog called "Read Any Good Books Lately?" The details are all hammered out. And I have to say, I am SOOOOOOOO excited about this project!

I'll probably go on with my boring self and post like I did when I had "Turn the Page" because I know that way but others might take a different approach, which is totally fine. AND I am BEYOND excited at the prospect of reading reviews from people I know and having discussions about books with intelligent people I like!

So while I was thinking I was going to down size my blogging, I actually just stayed at the status quo. Well, okay, I'm down by one blog since I'm not doing my photo blog anymore. Oh goddess, that means I could still add another... someone stop me!!!!!

Blogfully yours,


Lilith said...

You know you could have said, no! LOL

Maggie said...

Lilith- what is this "no" word of which you speak? ;)

Abby Rogers said...

I noticed that you have England listed as an interest of yours! Perhaps you would like my new blog:

As often as possible I will post photographs of glorious vistas, charming close-ups, and interesting tidbits of life in Great Britain for the pleasure of Anglophiles everywhere!

Lilith said...

When I figure out what it means, I'll let you know! LOL

Evil Pixie said...

I signed on but fair warning... all the books I've been reading lately are grossly academic and absolutely no fun... part of the pain graduate students face. Cursed PhD!!