Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What a great kid!

I've got a student who has been in some trouble this year. She's a good kid, basically, and she struggles academically and she hates school, mostly because school is hard for her. And the trouble she's been in isn't for major stuff like fighting or telling off teachers but for... swearing in the hallway with other kids and getting caught, not doing homework and then skipping detentions because she was so far behind (detention is supposed to help them catch up on homework!), and for having a lighter in her pocket at school. And for having cigarettes in her backpack. Stupid stuff but stuff that causes lots of trouble for her.

So much trouble, in fact, she was going to get expelled if she gets in trouble again. Sooooooo, I took the bull by the horns, so to speak, and offered to work with her after school to get caught up on her missing homework and to help her with current assignments. I told her if she wanted to stay, I would stay with her and explain assignments.

I am SO PROUD of this girl. She hasn't done more than 3 homework assignments all year and this week she's done ALL her current homework, and a BUNCH of late assignments. She has stayed after every day this week until 4-4:30pm to get stuff completed, which is about 60-90 minutes after dismissal. She is doing amazingly!

This is a kid who hates school and most of her teachers. Even her teachers are impressed with her work ethic change. I'm so happy I can help her. All she needs is someone to give her a push in the right direction, I think. She also doesn't understand a lot of her assignments because her reading level is so low, so we read assignments together and then she does the writing assignments. And she does math that I don't understand (some sort of algebra?) so we go to see a math teacher together and he explains it to us both and then we go do problems.

I'm really happy for her. She makes me like teaching again, just a little bit.



D-nice said...

You're Amazing and wonderful. Neither of you will probably understand the full impact you are having on her life! Thank you!

Maggie said...

Dnice- oh thanks. I'm just doing it because she needs someone who believes in her, ya know? If you were here, you and Chef would be adopting this kid, I can almost guarantee it, m'dear!

Bragger said...

Sometimes all it takes to turn a kid around is ONE grown-up to show he or she cares. I'm so glad you took an interest in her. You may just be the beginning of a magical future for her!

Maggie said...

Bragger- thank you! When I wrote the post I was thinking about great the kids was, I wasn't think about "atta boys" for me, but thank you so much!

I just want her to have success!

Wiley said...

What an awesome post! And a really heartwarming one, to boot. I hope this girl really takes it to 'em and proves to herself just what she's capable of. And YOU are awesome for doing this, and showing her to that door.

Cheryl said...

That's great!!! Who knows how much you've impacted her life for the better? I've done some art and english teaching (college, grade school and adults) and, while it's not totally for me (I always missed creating too much), I did find it immensely satisfying when I felt like I was getting through to a student.

Maggie said...

Wiley- I hope she keeps up the good work, too. I know she can do it! And thank you for your kind words.

Cheryl- when kids have those "a-ha" moments it's awesome!

And hey all, thanks for the nice words about me. i never really thought about that when I wrote this post; I was just so psyched that this kid would work I had to share. But thank you all! You're all too kind!