Thursday, January 21, 2010

Time to be conservative

I am a bit of a wild child but since I've moved back here to Civilization I keep it a bit more in check. I am not so wild in that "mean/bad girl" way; I wasn't an unmanageable teenager. "Black sheep" might be a more accurate description. Or, as many who know me might say, I am a bit of a hippie. I love the word bohemian.

Can you be a bit of a hippie? I think so. I love to wear hemp jewelry. I love my long skirts, peasant blouses, flip-flops, and tie dye shirts- I have a collection of these. I wear long flowing scarves in my hair. I have tattoos. I like to wear silver rings on many fingers, especially spinners. I had piercings other than my ears (and I let them grow closed) and I am considering getting my nose done. I love the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Phish, and Jimi Hendrix. I am a pacifist- make love not war! I believe in the free love idea. I am not opposed to smoking a little weed, though I don't any more- mostly because I work in education and they randomly drug test us... I am a liberal, I'm outspoken, and mostly laid back. I used to wear small wire rim glasses. I am concerned about the environment. I read literature and taught college English courses so there is some poetry knowledge and an occasional ability to quote short stories and talk about literary figures over espresso as a way of having fun. I love to engage in an intellectual debate. I am pretty touchy-feely. I think studying music, philosophy, anthropology and literature are as important as accounting, law and medicine- maybe even more so.

I have totally not hippie side. It might be described as a Princess side, for example. I love the color pink, twirly skirts, tiaras, and sparkly things make me happy. SHOES, SHOES, SHOES!!! I love to have pedicures and massages. I am shameless for compliments and flowers, especially Sterling roses. I hate bugs, playing sports, and sweating (unless it is during sex). I hate spiders and snakes. I don't like to get dirty. I like a man to hold open my doors, I love to send and receive Hallmark cards and I love to snuggle. I want someone to pacify me when I whine. I love perfume, body lotions, smelling nice, and love to have my legs shaved smooth. I love to decorate, giggling, chick flicks, and talking on the phone for hours with the girlfriends. I love chocolate and I love to dance.

I am a dichotomy blended into what my son calls Princess Hippie.

What made me start thinking about all this is being back here in my hometown, teaching in my hometown, and presenting myself as a little more conservative. I'm not sure what people would think if I was my 'out there' self. I also don't want to embarrass Daddy-O, or get myself "hippied" out of a job. Just food for my own thoughts that have spilled out here!

American Woman,
Maggie Mae

On another note...


D-nice said...

I totally get it! Moving to the west has finally allowed me to be me. Back in the midwest it seemed as though very few people had open minds. I really cant imagine moving back!

Maggie said...

Dnice- it sure is strange to be back at times....