Sunday, November 15, 2009

21st century (communication) breakdown

I'm not so sure that all this technology is really good for people, relationships and people skills. I'm not even sure it's good for improving communication. Other than the obvious that people are Internet dating and having cyber sex with strangers (I have no idea the fascination over this) but people carry on affairs all the time because of technology. Someone said the other day that a person who would cheat on their spouse using technology would've cheated on their spouse without it, but I'm not so sure about that. And all the ways people say stuff to each other via email and Facebook without thinking or filtering? Okay, okay okay...But this isn't my point.

You remember that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie was dumped via a post-it note, by Berger the author who was jealous of her successful writing career because he wrote a crappy book because all the NYC women were wearing scrunchies?? That wasn't technology, of course (though I still think post-its are a much better invention that Twitter) just bad taste. But technology has allowed these "post it note" type of break ups occur. People can get dumped through the phone, cell phone, Facebook, text message, email, Twitter, voice mail, blog... it seems the choices to get dumped are endless. (I think there was some movie out that made this observation before me, but it's a valid point.) And since I'm single and unattached, why might I be dwelling harping on this?

Well, the other day, it seems that Trooper and I were just shooting text messages back and forth that were at first flirty and funny and then somehow turned very serious. And we ended up having a 'serious relationship' text conversation. I typed at one point that this would be better suited to at least the phone, to which he didn't respond (such a guy thing to do, duh!). But in essence, through TEXT MESSAGES, he made it pretty clear that friendship is good, sex would be good, yet serious relationships would be scary. He said he doesn't think he wants to seriously date anyone. Blah, blah, blah. He and I could be "friends with benefits." To which I said I didn't think so since I was too old for that, been there/ don't that/ bought the t-shirt, I liked him for more than that, and if I wanted 'friends with bennies' I could do IT closer to my house. He said he was sorry, blah blah blah. I told him that in most cases people DATED first, and then decided to step it up and at some point it became a SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP; it just didn't start at serious.

And did I mention all this happened in TEXT MESSAGES?????

What the hell has my life dissolved to? Oh well, I guess I have lots more to say on this topic, here on a technologically powered online diary, but you got the gist enough to see where I'm coming from, so why write more?

I can't decide if I'm more upset over the conversational content or the fact that is happened via text? Uck!

I wash my hands and feet of it all!

Pass the Cosmos, open the shoe store doors and get outta my way,

(And thanks to Greenday for the title...!)


Bragger said...

Good Lord. What a weenie. I wish I could say something beyond the platitude level. Men. Can't live with 'em......can't shoot 'em.

Maggie said...

Bragger- well said and thank you very much. Maybe someone could rethink the "can't shoot 'em" part of the law.

The Guy said...

He's obviously missing out!

Blanche DuBois said...

Men are idiots; he's a man and is acting like an idiot. Maybe he'll come to his senses? Doubtful, but maybe!

Anonymous said...

What an ass!

Maggie said...

The Guy- thanks for your comment and compliment and for reading; hope to hear from you again soon!

Blanche- you are so right! Great screen name, or real name... either way, great name! Thank you for commenting and for reading- come back again soon please!

Anon- whoot -whoot! thanks for reading and commenting!

Wow! This is just what I needed- give him Hell, readers!

Honey said...

What a jerk! I remember Yummy and I getting into a texting fight when our relationship was 'young'. These are the worst because SO much can be read into a short snippet.

But I'm back to carrying on conversations in this manner with the good old ex since he refuses to talk to me on the phone and when I try face to face, he gives me attitude. UUugghh.... at least the only good thing is that I have a written record of him being an ass!

You're better off without him if all he's looking for is a friend with benefits.

Maggie said...

Honey- i must say that he said "friends were good, sex was good and relationships scary" and i said "sounds like friends with bennies" and he agreed- those weren't HIS words but he sure did agree with the concept pretty quickly. Grrrr!

What sucks is that for awhile it seemed like he was really into me and I wasn't reciprocating and then when I finally did, he wasn't interested anyMORE. The whole "well I don't want her if I can have her" idea, ya know? Oh well!

Men are weird and they do suck.

And if I get horny enough I might give it a whirl anyway! LOL! (Oh he probably won't want that either when the time comes! no pun intended!)

And texting with your ex is the only way to talk to that jerk.

Curley said...

I havent' posted to this yet because I was so angry at him I didn't know what to say. He leads you on for months, keeps running hot and cold. Won't even go out on a regular date first. One date does NOT make a serious relationship. And on top of that you DON'T sex flirt when you just want to be Friends, especially when you say you don't want to lose that friendship. Stupid man.

Hecate said...

Seriously? What kind of dumbass says, "hey, I'm happy to be your friend and bump my private area to your private area, but I don't want anything serious".

HELLO McFly!! having sex with someone is serious! Considering everything that is going around these days to not take sex serious is a BIG mistake.

If all he wants is someone to hang out with and occasionally have sex with, isn't that why he has two hands? He doesn't have to get serious with them.

What an asshat!

Anonymous said...

The Tribe has spoken.


Maggie said...

Curley- you tell it, girlfriend! Dang!

Hecate: I want to say that I NEVER want to be on the receiving side of your wrath. And I love your venomous tongue. Wow.

and your said: "hey, I'm happy to be your friend and bump my private area to your private area, but I don't want anything serious". OMG- this made me LAUGH!

thank you hecate hun!

p- it does rather feel like someone got voted off my island(s), doesn't it? ;)

I love my peeps! thanks for the support!

Anonymous said...

I agree. He's an asshat!

Maggie said...

J- thanks for your support! And we just don't seem to have enough use of the word asshat, as Wiley told me yesterday. I think we're making up for it all in one week! :)

And thanks for commenting and reading; come again soon!