Sunday, November 22, 2009

Well Mac, it ain't Broadway but...

Mac was in a school play this weekend. He had a small part; he played an attorney who just wanted to be loved.

I thought he did a great job and I was impressed that I could hear him and all his lines. His lines were hysterical one liners.

The play was a silly parody, nothing I had ever head of, and frankly I can't remember the title of it as I sit here writing. I know I could go get my program from my dresser upstairs but does it really matter? The play was about producing a play and a huge starlet who was a pain in the butt wanted the main role. The producers thought they could teach her a lesson and pick a nobody and then make her strew and fret. It turns out the nobody was an amazing actress and no one really wanted the starlet, who threatened to sue the producers when she didn't get the role. So comedy ensued while trying to trick the famous girl into not wanting the part.

The script wasn't that great but the entire cast did a fairly good job with what they had to work with, all things considering. I think someone could drop some money into the theater department because the sets were cheap, the costumes were pretty bad and... the script was awful. There was a huge turn out at auditions, so kids are obviously interested in theater so it would be nice if the theater group got some support. This is a school where the football players LOVE to be in the plays so it's not just a bunch of weird theater geeks, either.

And the sound system is TERRIBLE! It would be nice if there were some mics that actually worked or if the kids could be individually microphoned. I was barely ten rows back and most of the lines were lost, which was too bad.

They whole thing felt like an old movie starring Micky Rooney hollering "Hey Kids, let's do a show!"

I would bitch about the noisy rude audience full of redneck rubes who have no class nor understanding on how to behave when watching a play. I could bitch about how rude it is to use a cell phone or text after having been asked not to do so but people in the audience, adults included, did anyway. I could bitch about the parents who didn't take their screaming child out and let it scream through about 15 minutes of the play, but I think I'll pass.

Mac and I talked about it and I didn't mention any of these things to him; I just told him how great he was and it seemed like everyone had a good time and the play was cute, blah blah blah. He's the one who pointed out all these flaws. He also said he wished the director would pick something they had heard of like either a musical or at least a comedy they kids were familiar with. He also said he figured if he wanted a career in theater, he should adjust because he would have to take the good with the bad and this fell into the "bad" part of his resume. He said this must be part of the 'paying your dues' time.

Career in theater?!? My son, the academy award winner, the Tony winner, the Emmy winner.... hmmmm.

Think he could introduce me to Johnny Depp?



Curley said...

You forgot the kids/people running in and out of the auditorium(800 times I might add) and letting the doors bang instead of holding them till the closed quietly. I think Mac might have a career in comedic acting.

Maggie said...

Curley- oh, I did forget to NOT complain about the door people! the idiots!

And thanks about Mac. He can be so deadpan in his comedic delivery... it's scary really. haha!