Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Like crack?

Mac and I saw New Moon last night, and I keep reminding myself that he and I are NOT the target audience for these movies.

I giggled at every uttered cheesy line about "being together forever" and "I'd die without you". Those corny love movie lines from the old films being utter between two kids, one vampire and one teenager. And I thought if Mac rolled his eyes one more time, they'd pop right out of his head.

Mac's comments regarding this vampire phenomenon:
  • "This movie shou'dve been called Nice Guys Finish Last" and he went on the profess that while straight, he wants a Team Jacob shirt and "I'd wear that fucker with pride and a smile. Edward's a pussy." O-kay!
  • "These movies are like what crack has to be like. You know it's bad for you and you want to stop but can't. I keep watching. And I NEED to see the rest of this crap."
  • "Hello.... My name is Edward "Anorexic and haven't eaten in 800 days" Cullen." This was in response to a shirtless Edward. And I have to admit, that wasn't really pretty. It was, in fact, sort of creepy.
  • "Bella's a fickle bitch!"
  • "God, does Kristen Whateverhernameis have any other facial expression than angst?"
  • "People are all pissed off at Adam Lambert yet they stand in line to watch a movie about bestiality. Go figure."
And we saw this as a late show on a Tuesday night and there were still about 50 people in the theater. And I swear to all that is holy and on Prada that when Jake took his shirt off, there was an audible gasp from just about every damn near person in that theater, men AND women. Some in pleasure and others in jealousy. Apparently I must have omitted a sound since Mac said, "Oh man, mother... he's 17 years old for Christ sake! Gross!" Ooops!

I support Team Werewolf,

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