Saturday, November 21, 2009

Job follow up

Remember I had the shortest job interview in history to finish that maternity leave for a middle school English teacher which would've run the entire second semester?

Well, the follow up to that is in a few parts. The head principal actually did interview me properly, then he said he wanted to talk to the Superintendent.

He talked to her and she wanted me to jump through the hoops to see if I would qualify for an emergency certification. The Principal couldn't tell me if I was going to be hired under a substitute contract if I didn't qualify; we were to just see if I could.

So I was given a PILE of paperwork to fill out and they were sending it in.

Then yesterday the Principal called me to his office and told me that a former teacher was going to cover the leave. She had taught in that system just last year but resigned to get married which didn't happen (sucks to be her). She wants to come back to this school system and this was the way for her to do it. She's taught middle school before, taught that grade level and that program before, is licensed in this state, had been in the system, AND has a Master's degree. It makes sense to hire her. I would if I were in his position.

He went on to tell me that since a special education teacher resigned they need someone to cover her classes until the system either a) hires a special education teacher replacement, or b) makes it into a full time aide position. Until then, the Principal asked me if I would be a permanent sub until the matter was resolved. And because it's special education, I won't qualify under the emergency certification process for that because... it's special education (special teaching rules mandated by the state for this), so having me fill that job under emergency cert. cannot happen, but I could sub for that position until it was filled. He also said if they went with the full time aide, then he would recommend me personally to the Board of Directors for the job, if I wanted it.

After the week I've had, all I'm going to do is recap it and not give an opinion. That is the status of my job follow up.

Out of sorts,


Bragger said...

Perhaps if you take the special ed position, WHATEVER it turns out to be, it will open up other doors for you. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Personally I think you belong in education. Or maybe it's just that misery loves company! Ha ha ha ha

Maggie said...

Bragger- I hope it would. I agreed to sub until a decision is made, and I agreed to take the aide position if offered.

And if it's the aide job then I would at least have benefits and a full time salary, et al, and could go back to school to get a teaching license, should i want to go that route.

Part of me thinks i should finish my Masters in education and get the teaching stuff at the same time. More money to earn with only spending a little more.

Thanks for the compliment... though I think it's a little of both! ;)

Wiley said...

I think it's good you agreed to sub and I have my fingers crossed that it will open the way to something much bigger and better!The Giant Chicken has funny ways of communicating with us - perhaps it has something in store.

Maggie said...

Thanks Wiley. Hmmmm, chicken. Now I wanted fried chicken. Yum! ;)