Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Last thoughts about Halloween

We had the most polite kids ever that were at the door on Halloween. I was so impressed- about 95% of the kids said "thanks" or "thank you" or "Happy Halloween, ma'am". It was nice to see kids who were polite.

I was also impressed that every group of kids who came to the door were with a parent or with an older sibling. None of the kids were walking around alone, which was nice to see. I'm glad that parents were so cautious and involved.

The kids looked really cute, too. Not one kid showed up without a costume. I don't care if they're store bought or homemade, I think it a person is gonna trick-or-treat they should at least go to the trouble of dressing up. That's the point. I would treat adults, kids, and teenagers if they were in a costume- I really wouldn't care. This year, everyone was in costumes: lots of princess, fairies, monsters, a monkey, a tiger, Batman, one Michael Jackson, rock stars, one undead hooker, a doctor, a pony, and many more. I thought the kids looked great. And I was impressed and delighted at how many parents were dressed up!

This was a year that not one teenager came to the door. When I lived here in Civilization years ago, teenagers would show up and trick-or-treat with no costume or bag. They just rang the bell and stood at the door with a hand out. This year, we didn't have anyone like that at all! I was even shocked that none of Daddy-O's students even showed. It was a first!

Finally, I was at Wally World on Saturday afternoon and TONS of employees were in costume, though it was mostly the check out people. They had gone all out: an Native American Indian Princess, a gypsy, a hippie, and the woman whose line I was in. This woman is very masculine in stature- she's about 6'0-6'2" and very bulky/ broad. She's not fat, she's just built like a linebacker. And she was dressed like Raggedy Ann. The Wally World employee who operated my check out line was a giant Raggedy Ann... it was surreal.

Waiting to trick or treat again,
Maggie Mae

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