Monday, November 2, 2009

A long weekend in review

Fall break for teachers and kiddies just ended and since I was a teacher and my job is really that of a substitute, I actually had a 4 day weekend with everyone else involved in the local school systems. And I had a jammed pack 4 days, let me tell ya...

For a door?
Thursday morning Daddy-O and I visited the hardware holy land also known as Lowe's. Daddy-O wanted to get one of those electric fire places thingys with a mantel and he wanted to price exterior front doors. So we made a mecca to all that is worshipful in the way of tools. He found the fireplace but decided he wanted a new door instead.

He found what I considered to be a plain wooden door with some glass. Nothing fancy at all. And the door, uninstalled and without a frame with $1275! For a freaking door! And that DID NOT INCLUDE a door knob or a lock. OMG! And it was just a plain old wood door! Shit! With that sort of money I could've gotten a nice pair of winter Jimmy Choos and a matching handbag, from their sales department, of course. Needless to say, Daddy-O didn't buy a door OR a fireplace. (Or Jimmy Choos for me, in case anyone was wondering.) he did splurge for Starbucks Peppermint Mochas, though- yummy!

I stood in a rainstorm for a free hotdog...
Curley, Mac, Daddy-O and I spent Friday together. It was pouring down rain (like it had been for the last 38 days. I AM not building an ark. I'll just tread water. Also, the word of the day was "humid.") so we headed to Northern Civilization for the day. We went to a place like nothing I'd ever been to before. There's a company that comes to town and opens a store in a warehouse from now until Christmas eve and everything in the building is $1.49. EVERYTHING!

We wondered around, me with my mouth agape at the sales and the hordes of people. HORDES of people! Mac finally took the keys and went to the car with his iPod to hide since he gets agitated in crowds (not agoraphobia; he just hates people, especially those who are shopping, in a small space, and pushing a cart holding a screaming toddler). There were people and stuff everywhere. I can't get into words this experience. The stock changes hourly, according to an employee, so if there was something I wanted, I had better buy it NOW because it wouldn't be there in an hour, or 10 minutes. It was like sale day in Filene's Basement- people ready to kill each other and run over each other for a $1.49 candle in the shape of the nativity, Jesus head being the wick. Really. After wondering around and checking out (standing in line for 30 minutes for stuff that cost $1.49 each) I think I was still in such a shock or a stupor that I stood in line, in pouring rain, for a free hotdog. And a free bottle of water.

After some other shopping we had dinner at the best Italian restaurant in the world. Baked spaghetti and Italian bread with oil and Parmesan cheese, and a salad.... ah bliss.

Eggs-ordinary behavior
Saturday morning was spent at the insurance office, then I went to the library, and grocery store- always a good time (not really). The highlight of the trip to the store- which was really the food section of Wally World- was my rude behavior. But she was rude to me first. She started it! I swear!

Some woman whacked into me with her cart and didn't even say "excuse me", that bitch. Then the second time, yes you read that right she ran into me not once, but twice!- she ran into me, she mutter 'sorry" under her breath and gave me a shitty look like it was my fault that 3009 other people HAD to go grocery shopping and I was sort of patiently waiting to go down a row.

I get all done shopping and am almost to the check out where I learn I forgot eggs. Which are all the way in the back of the store. The WAAAAAAY back. But then, who do I spy, holding up clothes from the "I wanna be a slut"line of clothing, but the rude woman who whacked me. And since she was so involved in trying to decide if she would look better in the pleather zebra print mini skirt or the hot pink vinyl vest (she would look like a sausage in a colorful casing in either, by the way) I snatched the eggs right out of her cart and kept going, into a check out lane, and out the doors to the car. Bitch. See if she ever runs into me again. They'll be the best scrambled eggs ever.

Happy Halloween!
On Saturday, after my bout of anger management through dairy products, I also cleaned the kitchen and cleaned out the fridge. I cooked. I got ready for tricker-or-treaters. The Divine Ms K and her mama came over for a visit before she turned into a bumblebee (the cutest costume in history! oh, and she was a pumpkin, too!) and buzzed off to do some trick-or-treating.

I didn't get all my movies watched because I was finishing up my 100th book of the year (15th book of the month) but XRayGirl came over and she and I did see Sweeney Todd, which she'd never seen before. And drank margaritas. And laughed lots. Not at Sweeney Todd, because it's not funny, but over other stuff.

Nothing wrong with a day of rest
Sunday found me doing laundry, reading, changing clocks, and Daddy-O and I went for a walk at a local walking park. There was finally no rain and no humidity- just blue sky, cool temps, crisp breezes.

All in all, a pretty darn good weekend. And I'm subbing today so it was nice to relax...

Now, how many days until Thanksgiving break?


Bragger said...

Wow, I'm exhausted just reading about all you did! I did some house cleaning, but then I crocheted. And watched football. And crocheted. And watched football.

Curley said...

OMG! You didn't. That is so funny. I think she deserved it.

Maggie said...

Bragger- it sounds like you had a good weekend!

Curley- I so did! I'm terrible... ;)

Beth Dunn said...

So busy! I stood in line for over an hour once for a hamburger and it wasn't even free! xoxo


Maggie said...

Beth- no food standing in line for an hour unless it's free, young lady! Unless it was a REALLY good hamburger...

Honey said...

OMG!!! You did NOT snatch the lady's eggs. I can picture it perfectly... you strolling by spotting her and getting that "I'll show you" look and stealthly snatch her eggs. Too funny!

On a side note - no kiddos this weekend. Are you up for Starbucks, movie, lunch? Let me know.