Thursday, November 5, 2009

STOMPin' at the Savoy!

Last night Curley and I went to see STOMP!!!!!! I'd never seen them perform live and I've only caught bits and pieces of their shows on PBS but I've been fascinated with the concept since I heard about it back in early 2000s.

I had to say- this was amazing! These performers made more than noise- they made music using everyday stuff: pots and pans, garbage cans, plastic bags, metal signs, 55 gallon drums, hoses, newspapers, wind chimes, bucks, paint cans, dowel rods, brooms. Using these objects and their bodies, they created music. It was amazing.

I was awed over the sounds, their energy, and the actual 'performance' of it all. There was also a time for audience participation. There was humor. And not one single spoken word among the troupe of players during the entire hour and 45 minute production. Absolutely fascinating. These folks are certainly talented in their ability to pound out rhythms with these unusual instruments, putting their bodies to the limit as they use themselves as musical instruments. and the choreography was perfection- the timing had to be perfect with the pounding, smacking, rolling, whacking, thumping, and all the STOMPING- in unison.

This high energy show left me sitting with my mouth hanging open, muttering "wow" over and over again. It is certainly tribal and modern dance at its finest. At one point, some of the cast members are suspended by chains, upside down, banging on metal street signs which are hanging on a metal fence as their chains rattle and clang- in unison. Amazing.

If you have a chance to see STOMP, do it! It's well worth your time and money!

Gawd, it's so great to be back here in Civilization where I can be exposed to culture again. I can't believe I gave that up for three years. It's nice to be back in a place where it's considered performance art to dance with trash cans tied to one's feet!

Class act,


Curley said...

There is nothing I can add to that. It truly was amazing and while I had seen them several times on TV, that doesn't come close to seeing it in person.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Haven't commented much. Use both dates! Another reason to celebrate. Glad STOMP was fun. I was asked to go here but I thought it would be too loud. Guess not?

We are thinking about going to West Palm in March for Jersey Boys. I didn't realize it was in Orlando a few months ago or I would have gone there. My sister went in Washington and loved it. If it wasn't so cold up there I'd consider a weekend train trip and go there!

Any word on the job? I should have emailed!


Maggie said...

Curley- it was so great and I'm glad we could go!

P- I noticed you haven't commented much and have been hoping all it well. (I'll send you an email soon!)

It was loud but it was still enjoable (and I took 2 asprin before the show started! LOL!)

"Jersey Boys" is playing in Chicago right now, but I certainly can't afford tickets but would love to see it. If you go in March, you MUST take in a show!!!

And I'll shoot you an email tonight or tomorrow to fill you in about the job stuff!

Bragger said...

I would LOVE to see Stomp! But I can't find anyone to go with me. Hubby wouldn't be caught dead there. Oh, and Jersey Boys was fabulous. I would have gone back the next night.

Maggie said...

Bragger- it's a show you could even go see alone. they seem to have a friendly following!

And we really should live closer together so do these things!