Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another job update, about the same job, sort of

So ya know how I told ya 'll I didn't get the maternity leave but I've been subbing for a special ed. teacher who quit? And they school system didn't know if they would rehired another special ed. teacher of it they would make it a full time aide job? But until they decided I was subbing for the dude who quit? And they were supposed to let me know what they were going to do last Wednesday, before Thanksgiving Break?

Well, I still don't know anything.

The powers that be got together and brought me in and said, basically, they were leaving the full time posting for the full time special ed. teacher job up for one more week and if they didn't get anyone, then they would make a decision. But they gave me a job description for the aide position and told me about the money and the benefits. But they assured me they weren't hiring me yet, because they could get a qualified candidate for the special ed. teacher.

Ummmmmmmm, ok? So I'm subbing all this week and all the powers that be will meet again on Friday, with me, to let me know the "final" decision. Yeah, right.

They up side is that I know I'm subbing every day this coming week. That's a good thing; subbing= money!

The pessimist in me says the way my luck runs is that someone will step in at the last minute. If that happens, I'm officially re-working my resume and my job search to get out of education and back into the public sector- forever. Oh, well. So who knows what next Friday will REALLY bring?!?

Still subbing,


Anonymous said...

Hi Maggie Mae,

Hopefully something will happen soon. I never was called back in for that consignment job. Worked a total of 5 hours!! She did take my advice on the items she accepts though. Maybe I sholud have charged her for my ideas!!


PS Well, it's officially cold. My heats been on for two days. Ugh. It's been in the low forties in the morning. I cannot STAND cold weather.

Wiley said...

I have my fingers crossed that whatever happens with the subbing job will lead you on the path the greatness.
The public sector isn't all bad. Really.
Ok, so I may have just said that last bit to persuade myself...

Seriously though, you'll be right mate.