Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Reasons Our Country needs Planned Parenthood

Since I've been unemployed I decided to go to a Planned Parenthood to get my annual pap and my birth control pills. (No I'm not having sex. Yes, I hope to have sex; hence, the need or desire for the Pill)

I'd never gone before so when I went for the first time I just had to fill out your typical medical forms and an income summary form. Then I had an iron test, blood pressure, weight, height, the pap, a pelvic, and a breast exam. Then I was given 3 months of pills. They told me if there was anything wrong with my results they would call; no call means everything is fine. Before the end of my three months I needed to come back and get another iron test, weight checked and the blood pressure checked and they would give me 9 more months of pills.

So I called this week to set up my three month check and I find out that they are closing the office nearest me because this state was not offering any funding so it had to close. I went to do the tests and they gave me three months of pills because there is no funding and they have to stretch what Pills they have in storage. Apparently my kind is fairly popular because they only had 6 paks left and gave me 3 so three for someone else. Because there was no State funding for Planned Parenthoods, my records will be sent to another office that has outside funding and who can take on another case. Then I can call that office to get the last 6 months.

I'm appalled that I live in a place where funding is cut. I could go searching online to see why but I'm afraid to find out the answer. I have a feeling it's because of the abortion issue.

We need Planned Parenthood. Not only do they do abortions, but they provide much more important services: medical coverage for women's health. They do testing for STDs as well as providing sexual education for those in need, and birth control. Free condoms! And all this comes at a low cost to nothing. When I went to my regular doctor aka "my health care professional", when I had insurance BTW, I paid my co-pay for $30. Then I had to pay 20% of the lab results, which came to about $80. There was also %20 of whatever the insurance company didn't cover as part of the doc visit, which was around $30 more. Then I also had to pay for my pills which were $52 a month- not covered under insurance. This cost was the very minimum if all my tests came back fine (and as many of you might remember, I usually have a an angry vagina monologue). I didn't get any sort of different or better service at my doctor's office than I did at the Planned Parenthood. Everyone at PP was kind, informative, and nice. I also got free condoms at PP and was never given such at the doc. office. AND when I went to PP I didn't have to pay anything for my exams or Pills. They just asked for a donation, which I gave a healthy one. I felt it was right to give a donation if I could afford it even though my "income" dropped me into the "free" category (pride and humility life lesson here for another day).

Planned Parenthood is necessary because I think of all the women who are helped. Even if I take abortion out of the equation, then think of all else they do: free STD screening. Educating those about safe sex and their bodies. Free birth control. Hello? Is there anyone who really thinks these things are bad and shouldn't be funded? Really? I think all women have a right to protect their bodies and with the price of HEALTH CARE right now, other than those with a good job or good insurance, who can afford to go to the doctor just for a check up? I know I needed them right now and I was thankful they were here.

Can anyone really not want to fund a place that will do early detection of breast and cervical cancers? An organization who wants to educate women about their bodies, and provides men's health services? Who provide LGTB services (lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual)? Who will provide information about safe sex? Who will help prevent the spread of STDs through education and knowledge? Who provides affordable health care options? Who gives vaccines and pregnancy tests for free? And these are the services that have nothing to do with abortion. I just don't understand. I'm so frustrated. I can't change it, fix it, do anything about it. Grrrrrr!

I'm a huge advocate of Planned Parenthood and this is disappointing. Again, I realize I should do my usual routine and research why the State didn't fund them, but I just don't think I have it in me to hear the answers. Planned Parenthood has been around for years and has been doing it's own version of 'health care reform' before that became the popular buzz words to bandy about. Bottom line, PP didn't get funded for 'whatever' reason and that's just another way to hinder people in need of affordable health care.

Pro- health care reform,


Evil Pixie said...

Well said! The local Planned Parenthood clinic is one of my clients, and I am very proud of that fact. Every time I go in there, I see people (not just women) who receive services they would not normally be able to afford and I love that.

Anna said...

PP is a service we can NOT do without. Women and men need a place they can go to for education about their bodies and if needed, how to have a healthy sex life. STDs no longer just take a pill or quick shot they are very serious and very scary...taking lives.

We have a phenomenal clinic here in our town that also does outreach in the local high schools.

D-nice said...

Our local office is also closing. I have been working with a woman who is as educator/social worker for them. She helped us to form a group for developmentaly disabled women. These women are a population that NEVER gets talk to about sexual issues untill it's to late. She has been amazing and our women are more educated and informed because of her and the services of Planned Parenthood. The right wing people in our community keep claiming victory due to there protesting. It really is a sad world we live in when something vital is taken away.

Maggie said...

Evil P and Anna- well said and thank you for adding your thoughts!

Dnice- what is going on this country? I hate to hear that. what is going to happen to the women's group now? is there another social service agency or the local hospital willing to take them under a wing? Damn sometimes I'm ashamed of our society.