Saturday, November 14, 2009

He did it!!!!

Mac passed the driving test today! Whoot whoot! I am SO proud of him!

Now we're sitting here waiting for his dad to call him at my house to see if he can drive his truck. I cannot believe his Sperm Donor didn't bother to go to his insurance company to get Mac added. His father's problem is that he doesn't BELIEVE me when I told him Mac could drive the truck without insurance because in this state the vehicle is insured, not the person. So I had to have my insurance boss call and tell him it was true.

Now we're sitting here waiting for SD to call so I can let Mac drive to his dad's house to get the truck so he can go drive alone. Why in the world SD didn't take care of this all yesterday is beyond me!

But the bottom line is that he passed and another milestone is reached.

Mac was so happy he even let me hug him in the DMV!!!!

Yahoo Mac!

Proud mama,
Maggie Mae


Hecate said...

Isn't there a new law that says he's not allowed to drive with anyone under 18 for the first 6 months he has his license?

Congrats to him!

Maggie said...

Hecate: there are actually a whole set of rules and when he passed the DMV gave them to us typed on a one page "at a glance" type of list to hang on the fridge.

for the first 180 days he may only drive with a family member (parent, step parent or guardian) who is 21 or older, or a non relative/ other relative no listed above who is 25 or older; and in either of these situations the person must have a valid our state license. He may drive alone, or he may drive with his sibling- a half brother who is 9 in Mac's case (or his child if he had one.... OMG!).

There are also certain hours he is NOT allowed to drive, and cell phone/ texting use is AGAINST THE LAW for kids while driving, too. There're more, but these are the highlights.

Whew! Now, if the law could do something about his asshat father...

Bragger said...

Congratulations to Mac on his new-found freedom. Sympathy to Maggie on her new-found ways to worry! :)

Maggie said...

Bragger- I so thought of you today, after your post last week about Sweet Girl and her travels. I wished I could've called you for a mom to mom pep talk from someone who had been there/ done that.

This driving thing is a whole new world of worrying and loss of parental control. rough; i want him to have wings but i worry worry worry. damn...

Hecate said...

I know a few people *wink-wink* who might be able to help out with the asshat sperm donor! LOL

Wiley said...

Oh, that's fantastic! I bet he's stoked.
And not nearly enough people use the term arsehat, so I applaud you.

Maggie said...

Hecate- I'm not saying a word. LOL1 :)

Wiley- thank you. He is so awesome. And i think my readers' comments on the most recent "Trooper" post (21st century communication breakdown) raise the asshat usage to a new level.

Someone used "fucktard" (You I think) and I am dying for a chance to use it soon!