Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thinner me, soon to be

Next week I'm going to start Weight Watchers. Before you laugh at the whole "next week" thing, I do have a real reason why I am making a week from today my start date. My friend Photographer is doing Weight Watchers and she has been very successful. Since she know I don't make much money and can't afford WW, she's going to copy all her materials for me and go to the meetings. Then she and I will have a mini- meeting and weigh-ins so I can "do" it as well. Due to her schedule and mine, we can't start until next week- something about a start date.

Another awesome thing is that I'll have all the paperwork for the points system. She and I can also exercise together. I got a discount for a Y membership and I'm giving some serious thought to signing up for it. (I also found that my school system will reimburse me $10 a month if I join so it makes it even lower.) She's a Y member so we could do classes and working and swimming at the Y. If I don't join, she can come to Alcatraz with me and do the walking and swimming at least- and she said she would be willing to do that- less crowded.

We also both like to cook so we can cook together as well as exercise and give encouragement. It's gonna be awesome! A weight loss partner! I might reach my 40 before 40 goal of losing 10 pounds. I could even lose more!!!!

Even more inspiration for me- dad is going to eat WW with me, and keep track of points. So is ITSam. And, get this, Mac is even going to give it a whirl. For a few weeks, Mac said he'd try it but if it interferes with his summer vacation he's stopping. He's already texting Photographer his favorite foods to see what the points are (chicken nuggets= 10 are 13 points).

I do feel a little need to eat junk this week. And not necessarily sweet stuff but crackers and cheeses. I want breads and olive oil to dip it in. I want chips and dip. I want pasta and shrimp and salmon. (that's probably limited, I bet.)

So I have a new adventure for next week that will, hopefully, make me skinny and make all my clothes fit. Please let that happen!!!

A skinnier me,

Oh, and let it be said here and now, I am not going to turn this into a weight lose blog, or go on and on about my points and stuff. I'll report on the weight loss but it's not going to take over my life and be all encompassing like it is for some people. Hopefully I'll have weight loss news to report!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Time to actually twiddle my thumbs, if I want

Here I am. The mom of a high school graduate. Wow. He's graduated and enrolled in college and only has the summer to chill out here and then off he'll go.

He has the diploma and it's signed. He had the party and it was a success (and we have a TON of cheesecakes and cookies left, if anyone wants to stop by for a little sweet treat!)

I'm relieved. And scared. And relieved. Did I mention I'm relieved?

Not only do I have this emotional stuff- whatever "this" is- but I have an entire week off. The only firm plan I have for the whole week is to go to Northern Civilization to see Lilith tomorrow. And since I have to be there to see her, I'm going a little early to take a free class at the scrapbook store, so I can do 2 fun things in one day (and I'm hoping she might be in the mood for a visit to Half Price Books.)

The rest of the week is just up to me. I can't transport kids since I'm no longer qualified, and it's not my week to do my part time receptionist stuff. I actually have a whole week off. I've been wanting a week off for how long??? I am so excited. I don't know where to begin.

And I realize that sounds like an oxymoron- where to I begin on a week off?

I can't remember the last time I had a whole week off with pay and nothing planned.

I'm excited. I have things I'd like to do but then again I also think I'd rather not plan any thing. Nor do I have the urge to make a list. I just an chilling.....


Sunday, May 29, 2011


The party is over. We can all relax now. I might sleep off and on for a week now. It's all good. One chapter closed for Mac and now it's time for another one..............

More later


Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Pre-Open House to do list...................

  • Buy a gift for a student's open house I was invited to attend because I forgot
  • wrap aforementioned gift
  • attend aforementioned student's open house
  • Attend another open house
  • get gas in car to go to open houses
  • make 100 mini- cheese cakes which means make then, let them sit up, fruit topping them and box up for tomorrow
  • go through all pix I took at graduation and find one of Mac to make into a 5x7 for tomorrow
  • order aforementioned 5x7
  • pick up aforementioned 5x7
  • find 5x7 frame for aforementioned picture
  • also pick photos to add to slide show for tomorrow
  • sync my iPod for open house music to play during slide show
  • bake brownies
  • pack extra batteries for camera
  • gather all stuff for memorabilia table and put in boxes
  • gather up platters for desserts for tomorrow
  • make yard signs so people who've never been to Alcatraz can find their way to the cabin where we are having this shindig
  • Call house parents of 2 students who are helping with set up tomorrow to confirm behavior that they can still attend
  • return movies to video store so they aren't overdue
  • Wash a load of laundry with my underwear in it or I'm going commando to the open house
  • call to see if mac's wallets arrived so people can have them at the open house
  • make a sign that says "cards" to hang up on the card box on the gift table (assuming there will be gifts given and cards...)
All this must happen TODAY- nothing here can wait until tomorrow. You should see tomorrow's list.... And as you can tell, I omitted things like eat, pee, shower....

So what the heck am I doing here?!?


Friday, May 27, 2011


Today Mac graduates from high school!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy First Birthday to my adorable nephew Fab Finn!!!!!! Happy Birthday baby boy!!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Drive me away

Lilith asked me what became of my driving transportation of kids after the disaster last weekend when I drove kids to and fro.

It's funny she asked. I was sure I would get fired. I figured I would get fired outright, or get the 'quietly fired' where I wasn't asked to drive anymore- just let to quietly slide off the list. I wasn't particularly upset by the thought of either, actually.

But what did happen was... well, hang on.

I got an email, along with a bunch of other people who drive, telling us we need to have a training class on how to work with difficult kids. It's a nationally renowned program (I don't want to name it here in case someone at work would Google it and lead to here) that in mental and physical ways lets you learn to handle kids mentally and physically when necessary. The course runs 8 hours a day over 4 days. Then there are annual re-certs that last 2-3 days each.

I also need to update my first aid/ CPR through the American Red Cross.

I can't drive anymore until I complete this. This is because of our federal licensing agency. I was told in the email, and in person, that I apparently slipped through the cracks, along with several other drivers. It will be interesting to see who all commits to doing this.

My company is offering a class next week and will pay me but I'm not doing it. I don't know if I want to drive anymore anyway. And to be honest, I got a down and dirty training course because I work at the school and I understand what I'm to do; the down and dirty version doesn't count for drivers, though. Also, this training is NOT geared to take place in a car. If I have to use these skills, I better be pulled over on the side of the road and calling for help. AND next week is an entire week off with pay from the library- my first week of summer vacation that I've worked hard for, I think. I am NOT giving up all all 4 days of vacation for this nonsense.

It's utterly ridiculous. There are a bunch of people who aren't going to drive anymore because of it.

I'm going to wait this one out and see if the company will stick to it or not. I think they'll be in such desperate need of drivers they'll find a loophole.

So I wasn't fired, nor quietly ignored. I'm just told I don't have the "right" credentials to do this. Yeah, right.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just a few more days and I can sleep and sleep and sleep...

I'm meeting myself coming and going. I can barely think straight.

I promised Mac he and I would have mom and Mac time, just the two of just. And he decided this is the week that is to occur. It must be the "senior" thing because he was throwing a fit until I committed. So............

Got up an hour early for school because I had to be there early because of an athletic award program. Went to school early. Went to program. Worked at school to teach AND run the library. Graded stuff. Got roped into filling in for the night receptionist at my weekend job (I told the boss I would cover if the lady was still sick. That was LAST week. She was still sick. I'm stooopid.) Worked that job until 10pm. Came home and did 2 loads of laundry. Argued with Mac because I was supposed to have "our time" on Monday but explained to him why I HAD to work. Did dishes. Picked out 100 pictures for his open house grad party. Worry about needing to make slide show. Slight relief when ITSam volunteered to make slide show. Fell into bed sometime after 1 am.

Worked at school to teach and run the library. Gave up on grades and attempting to teach kids who are either going home for good tomorrow so they don't care about school or angry kids who are not going home, and showed a movie. Made some business calls. Made a shopping list of what I need to get for Mac's graduation. Made phone calls about stuff for Mac's graduation open house. Discovered Mac's shorts for open house don't fit and need to be returned to JC Penney's. Went to dinner with Mac. Laughed & made fun of Mac because waiter thought I was his girlfriend, not his mom. Saw a movie with Mac. Went to Wal-Mart and stood in line behind 4 people because only 1 lane was open and I only had 1 item. Came home. Did laundry. Confirmed Mac senior picture order while I cleaned bathroom. Had a cleaning boo-boo in bathroom (daddy-), don't ask). Cleaned kitchen and dining room. Fell into bed sometime after midnight-thirty.

Got up 90 minutes early because I had to be at school for academic awards program and in my haste of trying to do 2 jobs yesterday I forgot to run my report for the program of reading stats. Went to school 1 hour early to run report. Copier broken and have to hand write report. Pissed. Burned mouth on coffee. More pissed. Got to awards. Have all 6 class periods shortened for the day because of program and afternoon graduation. Leave work. Get gift for baby shower tomorrow. Drop off illegally procured music to friend for HER graduation ceremony at her school that she's in charge of. Come home. Clean living room. Pick up 22 pair of shoes from beside front door. Do more laundry. Help ITSam fix bathroom boo-boo from last night. Confirm Mac has all his chores done. Buy stuff for graduation open house. Buy gift bags for baby shower. Give up on having enough energy to fix dinner and drive thru McDonalds. Eat. Text brother because had panic attack that I was supposed to get Daddy-O at the airport tomorrow and had forgotten. Breathed because Bro is getting Daddy-O. Write this blog post. Plan on wrapping shower gifts. Plan on scanning pictures to finish slide show for Mac's open house. Plan on coloring my hair. Plan on sleeping.

I so want this week to end. I'm exhausted. I cannot remember ever being this tired. I really can't. I am so glad that Daddy-O is coming home because 1) I missed him; 2) he's calming; and, 3) I'm hoping he'll help with small stuff because things are more fun with him and two heads and hands are so much better.

I need more than Calgon.............

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The rest of the story about my change in schedule

I believe when I last told you, I explained how my hours for summer got all re-arranged and my days became longer to compensate for the building re-construction.

There's more to the change in my schedule. My school, starting on August 1, is going to year around school. We will be at school 4 days a week, with every Friday off. This is a cool thing. We still get typical teacher breaks like spring break/ Thanksgiving/ Christmas/ Labour & Memorial Days/ July 4th. We are also going to be given a three week break in July, which will be our "summer vacation." This is all good, in my personal opinion. I don't mind. I mean, hello- A THREE DAY WEEKEND EVERY SINGLE WEEK?!? Com'on- that really freakin' rocks!

But.... ah yes. There's always a "but."

Remember, I'm not a "teacher". I'm just the librarian so I'm considered 'non-essential school staff'. Because of this, I have the same holidays and days off as a teacher except for summer. My job makes me work some in the summer, which if you read the post from last Friday, then you know what I'm talking about.

The biggest issue because we went to year around, my principal told me, would make adjustments to my school schedule starting August 1. All because now we have to do something about the part of my job that was summer hours. When the new schedule starts, my summer hours weren't considered. So I was given three options:
1- work longer school days next year
2-work 4 hours on 35 Fridays out of the year
3- take a $1200 pay cut.
Did I mention how excited I was about Fridays off? And a pay cut? Really? I make minimum wage based on a 30 hour week with NO health benefits and one of my choices is a $1200 PAY CUT?!? W.T.F.????

That pissed me off to no end. So, I figured out the math (Don’t ask. I’ve just started referring to it as the "Librarian Formula of Mathematical Thinking") and next year my school hours will be
8-11:30am & 12:30-3:45 pm, on Mondays- Thursdays.

Basically, I had to add 45 minutes to my school day for it to work so I shortened my lunch time to a 60 minute lunch (instead of 90) and will just work over 15 minutes longer than I do now. On days when I have to at school for meetings I can either accumulate comp. time, take longer lunches or leave early. I was NOT working on Fridays unless I just had to. And I was not going to take a pay cut.

I appreciate that I was given a choice and also allowed to make my own schedule but it just sucks that since I'm paid so little and do so much, they couldn't just roll it all in together and consider it a pay "raise."

What was really frustrating is that the assistant principal is trying to come up with extra things for me to do to get me more money- like sponsor clubs and activities during my library hours- do double duty. Then I have my Principal hitting me with this. I don’t think the APrincipal knew because it went against all he was trying to set up. In the discussion with the AP we looked at the possibility of some of the clubs/ activities could be on Fridays but it WOULD BE FOR EXTRA PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to just get in my hours.

It's all just very frustrating.

All work and no play makes a cranky...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend meme

1. What is your favorite weekend activity?
sleeping in

2. How does the weather affect your weekend plans? Does it matter?
if I have something outdoors-y planned, rain would be an issue but I can usually find something to do on a weekend regardless of the weather!

3. When does your weekend start and when does it end?
it's starts at 3:30pm on Friday and ends when I go to bed on Sunday night

4. Can you recommend a good weekend getaway place?

5. Do you spend weekends alone or with other people?
other people most of the time but alone doesn't worry me

6. What would your fantasy weekend look like?
lots of relaxing and sleeping in

7. Do you have any special weekend rituals?
did I mention I like to sleep in?

Thanks to the Queen's meme for these questions!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Disappointed. I'm not ungrateful, just disappointed- Part 1

I want to say up front:
1- I am thankful I have a job
2- I am thankful I have choices
3- I am thankful my job is no hard
4- I am thankful that the outcome really is NOT that bad at all (however, sometimes presentation is everything)

About 3 weeks ago my Principal called me in his office and said due to all the changes with our school system I had 35 paid days off this summer. I wasn't sure I heard him right so I repeated what he said and then also I asked him in about 3 different ways and he confirmed each time out of his mouth to my ears was I had 35 days off this summer.

In the past summers, the school librarian had to be at school and have the library open when Alcatraz had summer school and then she could have the rest of the summer off. Because we are only having 1 month of summer school (June) and then our ENTIRE building is being remodeled in July in preparation to start year around school on August 1, the school building is, for all intrinsic purposes, closed for the month of July. (Internet will often be down, water will often be turned off, power will often be off, air conditioning will not be functioning, etc. No reason to have anyone here). In summers prior the librarian had to work on the summer school days, for the same hours as summer school classes were in session, which was 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the early afternoon. For those of you who like math:

35 days x 4 hours per day= 140 hours to work in the summer

Not hard, really no big deal.

Okay. So the Principal told me I got 35 days off so I was rockin' that and yesterday I even posted about all the super fun things I had planned for the summer. All the time I had to do these fun things and even was going to be paid to do them. Albeit meager pay but pay nonetheless.

Then came today. Damn it. I knew it was way too good to be true.

I get called to the office and my Principal figured out his mistake. What he meant to tell me was that I have to WORK 35 days this summer.

Follow me here. It's still a mathematical story problem and a story so work with me.

I was given options.

  1. I could work 35 days, at 4 hours a day and take my chances on what would happen in July with power/ water/ etc.

  2. I could work the 20 days in June when we have summer school and then take a pay cut for the rest of the hours

  3. I could work the 140 hours over the course of 20 days.

Of course I selected option number Three. Principal even told me I could set my own hours.

Now I know this is absolutely nothing to complain about. And I'm not complaining, exactly. I'm just really damn disappointed. Here I was thinking I would work all of June from 9-11am and 12:30-2:30pm daily and then have the whole month of July off, with pay. It just really sucks sucks sucks, that will not be the case.

I'm just bummed.

So my month of June schedule means that I will now work Monday- Friday from 8-11:30am and 12:30-4pm, and then I can have the entire month of July off. Yes, I realize I still get a month off- paid- and most people don't get that.

It's just one of those things. It was my bright spot, actually, with all the stress I've been under and it just felt like a smack.

As I said at the beginning of the post, I am thankful I have a job, a check, choices, and some paid time off. It's just.... the way it was all presented. It sucked.

Maybe this doesn't seem like a big deal to anyone else, but there's a part 2. I'll save that for tomorrow. Maybe it's this information AND the rest of it together that just seams like a big old SUCK-A-ROO...


Thursday, May 19, 2011


I have some plans for the summer and I'm pretty excited about them

My friend Lilith and I haven't seen each other in about a bajillion years and we finally found time with our insane schedules to do something. In about a week and a half we're going to meet in Northern Civilization and spend a day together. Food (absolutely!), movie (maybe), the botanical conservatory (certainly!), and lots of talking and hanging out and books stores and shopping- it's going to be awesome! I can't wait- I've missed her. But that morning, while she's at work, I'm going to take a FREE scrapbook class at Archiever's!

My friend B from work and I have plans to hang at her house and watch The King's Speech together. We're calling it a pajama party. Her daughter is home from college and we're all going to meet at her house one afternoon in our jammies and eat junk food and watch movies!

Curley and I are gonna take a girls day and go do something, somewhere. And do some sewing- Maggie needs another new summer dress!

XRay Girl and I are gonna get pedis, paint pottery, and go to the zoo.

I have a list of festivals to attend this summer.

Mac and I are gonna hit the new IMAX theater and have supper together one evening soon.

Daddy-O and I have a card making date--- he doesn't know it yet.

My sister-in-law, the divine Ms K, Fab Finn and I all had lunch together and we're going to try and do that at least once a week.

And I'm going to see Princess for a visit one long weekend after she's gone home

And this is just what I can come up with off the top of my head.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Random thoughts from a headached mind

Mac had all his indoor senior pictures taken today and we'll get the outside ones on Friday. Nothing like waiting until the last minute since he graduates in 1 week and 1 day.

I watched Tangled today and I was pleasantly surprised at the movie.

A woman (and her husband) at work have been on a waiting list for 3 years to adopt a baby. She was born today. Such a blessing!

I still have the headache. It isn't as strong as it was but it's still making me sick to my stomach. I've had it all day but it was worse after school. I wonder if my afternoon classes are making me ill.

Mac is having an open house and it's going to be all desserts: 3 sorts of cookies, rice crispy treats, peanutbutter bar cookies, cake pops, a traditional cake, and mini cheesecakes. Diabetics beware.

Well shit, I give up. Looking at the computer screen hurts my eyes.

Sorry for this feeble, random blog post. I hope to improve by tomorrow!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I can't

I have one of those headaches that hurt worse with sound and light, that makes me feel like puking, that just seems to get worse and worse as the day goes on.


Monday, May 16, 2011

The drive from Hell Part II

I will admit that it wasn't as bad as Friday.

When I went to pick up the car, I found I was assigned the crappy van. It sits up very straight and very close to the steering wheel. even though I'm short I have long legs and can never sit far enough away from the steering wheel.

Then I had to call and tell all the families when I'd be there BECAUSE apparently the case worker who arranged this farce told them all I'd be there between 4-7pm when I specifically told her I would be leaving Alcatraz at 11:30 am unless she wanted to get another driver.

One kid had no phone number so I have to call his case worker at home and then go in the case workers office to find the number. While getting the number I noticed that he also gave me the wrong address for the same kid (and the wrong directions) so I fixed that.

And I didn't have a correct phone number for the girl who caused all the trouble the other night so the person in charge said he would text me her number in a little bit (he did about 10 minutes after I left so I called and left her a message on her atrocious voice mail).

I finally started my vehicle and the gas tank was empty. By now I was pissed. The rules is that drivers top off tanks when we get back. The last person who had that van didn't do it. If they got back after closing hours, then the person who opens in the morning at the reception desk didn't bother to check to see if the late returns were fueled up. So now I'm already running behind because TWO separate case workers didn't do their jobs and NOW I had to take time to pump gas. I was pissed.

I finally got on the road and made up some time, and got to the first kid's house- the girl who caused all the trouble and guess what? She wasn't home and her mom couldn't reach her. I called my facility and said she jerked me around the other night and I was leaving. I had one other boy to get in that town and then I was heading to the capital. I told them no one ever does anything to give these parents or kids consequences and I was going to be fired anyway, so screw her. The man in charge said he completely understood and to go ahead and go.

I get the other kid and am just ready to head out with the VP calls me. He said he told to Problem Child's mother and said she had 10 minutes to produce her child for me to pick up or they were calling the cops on all of them. He asked me to go back and if she wasn't there that time, then to leave. so, I drove back across town and lo and behold- she was there. She was pissed and cussing and swearing a blue streak but there.

The rest of the trip was fairly uneventful. On boy's family was supposed to meet me in a parking lot. They live in the southern part of my state and this parking lot was the half way point for them and me. I called and said I was there and the dad said they were behind by 90 minutes. I just said "You have to take your kid all the way to [Alcatraz] yourself. I 'm ready to leave now and I have about kid to get." The dad didn't argue and said okay.

It rained the entire time. And today was graduation for a HUGE state university and I happen to be in that town to get a kid so traffic was pretty hellacious.

Other than being hungry the kids were fine, even the pissy gal from the other night. We talked and listened to music and it only took 6.5 hours.

Man, I am tired....


Sunday, May 15, 2011

I bit off way more than I can chew.... I think

There's a woman (an English teacher) at work who is adopting her first child after waiting on a list for over 3 years. Her baby is going to be born this coming week and the birth mother has to have a C-Section.

About 6 weeks ago the teacher asked me if I could cover her classes it she had to take time off at the end of the school year for the baby. I said I would if the administration would agree. It was six weeks ago when I didn't really think and consider the reality of that situation. Ugh!

The reality starts tomorrow. I will be doing double duty- library and teaching. I don't have to have the library open during the times I teach but I still will have to take care of returned books, put them away and nag/ hound/ the students to return their books before the end of the school year. I have to do the bare minimum but it still has to be done. So the library will be open one period a day- during her prep. Then I'll teach the other 5. Then I can finish loose library ends at the end of the day before I go home.

So for the next two weeks:

I drove the transport from Hell on Friday. I have to do the Part two this afternoon (they won't fire me on a weekend because there's no one around to recruit another driver). Then the next 5 days I'm the librarian and teacher. Next weekend is my weekend to be the receptionist on Friday and Saturday nights. I have Sunday off. You know "off" so I can do laundry, grocery shop, clean... Then Monday- Wednesday is more teaching and library AND my school's graduation. Thursday is a teacher day so I can get caught up on library and finish up the teaching stuff like grades. That Friday is Mac's graduation and the Sunday after that is his party.

I'm just trying to figure out how I'm going to do my job, grade papers, clean the house before Daddy-O gets home, get Mac's open house ready to go and ALSO do regular stuff like laundry and grocery shopping.

Sometimes I think I'm just stupid.

I know I'll get through it but it just feels overwhelming to think about it.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

So, I'll probably be fired

I drove the trip from hell yesterday. It was supposed to take only 5 hours and it took 10. I had to deliver 3 kids home on their weekend passes.

A few rules when driving: never leave a child at home unless an adult is there (unless otherwise instructed by the case worker in advance) and when leaving meds, get an adult signature (unless otherwise instructed by the case worker).

We left on time and got to the first child's house in a timely manner. No one was home. I'm not supposed to leave the kids without an adult there. I called the office and talked to this child's case manager. We gave mom 10 minutes to get there and she never arrived. So after a whole lotta phone calls between me and the case manager I was told to make the kid get back in the car and take her with me the rest of the drop offs and then back to the campus to her house.

The kid was supposed to have a weekend pass and the case manager thought I was going to convince her to get back in the car and leave? Oh yeah, right. That went as well as could be expected- she yelled, swore at me and refused. That went well.

We had another round of phone calls and because no one had any back bone nor balls, I left her alone at her house. Gee whiz, I could've predicted that would happen and why we went through the motions, I have no idea. All I know is that we spent 50 minutes going through this ritual and I was 50 minutes late. And pissed.

I drove another hour to drop off the second child, which the real shit hit the proverbial fan.

In the middle of the drama with child I, I discovered I gave her the wrong medications. I left child 3's prescription with child 1.

I called the campus and through a round of phone calls, it was determined that I created a liability issue AND violated HIPPA. And I was told to drive an hour BACK to child 1's house to get the meds. I still had one more kid to take home who live an hour away from where I was and would be 2 hours away from Child 1's house. Too bad, I had to go back.

I drove back. About an hour back. Of course when I got to Child 1's house, there was no adult there. I got the wrong meds. But now I had to have someone sign for the correct meds. I didn't the first time when she was throwing a damn fit but now I had the BIG boss on the phone call all the shots. So now, with the liability issues taken care of but about a zillion HIPPA violations still out there, we were going to do this by the book.

So, I was there.... get this, another 45 minutes waiting on adults and signatures.

I finally could leave and take the last kid home. We had to get food, and go to the bathroom and get fuel for the car

She was supposed to be dropped off at 7 pm and I finally got her to her house at 11:30 pm.

I was supposed to be home at 8:30pm. I got home at 1:30am.

So I figure I'm fired. The med issue was all me. I was flustered and frustrated about the kids refusing to go home and the delay and the whole scene she caused. But it's really no excuse for giving the wrong meds. There's not. Bottom line, I screwed up. Screwed up. Big time.

HIPPA violations!!!!! How could I have been so dumb? Ugh!

The up side is that I'll only be fired from the driving part of my job. I'll still have my library job and my weekend secretary job. I'll still have summer school to teach. I just will probably be canned from driving. Of course it's the one that pays the most per hour but oh well.... right?

I've never been fired before but an article I read on Monster says everyone is fired at least once. This would be my once, I guess.

Gee, I'm really looking forward to Monday.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Wishes.... why Friday the 13th is a good day

Today is the birthday of the best guy I know.

My dad...

He's an amazing man who fills my heart with a thousand wonderful childhood memories, he's solid as a rock, he's creative, a protector, and an overall amazing man.

The admiration I feel for my Dad knows no limits and he will continue to be my inspiration, my mentor, and my hero.

Happy Birthday, Daddy-O!!!!!

Love your daughter,

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Some girls at school were gossiping in the hallway between classes and a female teacher told them to "move along" to class. One of the girls looked at the teacher and very sweetly, with an adorable smile, told said teacher she thinks since it's spring that the teacher should go plant tulips. Then the girls scurried down the hallway, laughing hysterically. Ummmm, it's a very nice way for the girls to say "kiss my ass"- you know... plant 2 lips.

However, this post isn't about butt kissing, but about the tulips growing at school. In the flower beds.

Happy spring!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

An ocean of thoughts

This summer I have 35 schools days off.

I think I should go to Florida and track down Jimmy Buffett and compel him to hire me as his personal assistant, especially in his book writing world. I'd be perfect. I like his books. I like his music, and I like rum. And sometimes I can write.

I want to hug a sea lion. South American sea Orkas are mean and sneak up on the babies and eat 'em. Whale bastards.

A blue whale is half a city block long. I wonder if Jonah's whale was a blue whale? And how did Noah fit one of those suckers on his ark? Hey, I'm just sayin'!

Finding Nemo is a dang cute movie!

Mac had 2 goldfish and a suckerfish when he was a kid. he named them himself. The gold fish were Bill and Chelsea and the sucker fish was Hillary.

As a Jew I'm not supposed to eat shellfish. I struggle more with that than I do with bacon.

I love shrimp and could eat a whole lobster right now. Yum..........

I wonder if an Olympic fencer would win in a duel with a swordfish?

My grandma F had a stuffed fish over the mantel. I think my grandfather F caught it sometime. I wonder where it went after she moved? Do you give something like that away? Sell it in a rummage sale? In an auction? And who buys that????

In my Genetics Alchemy game on my phone I have over 200 animals unlocked and most of them are from the ocean.

Did I mention I watched Disney's Oceans documentary while I was writing this post?

I'm sober,

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shoes glorious shoes!!

Since I seem to be on a photo kick of late, I thought I would feature some of my new shoes. I can't believe how long it's been since I've shown off the latest in footwear. I've been neglecting the "shoe" part of my blog! Oh the shame!

I've fallen in love with the "Ballet slipper" style, or the "Chinese Laundry" shoe style, and I've gone so far to get them in red, purple, and red. )I have a pair in silver, but I think I've featured them here, back in September....) Sometimes they show some toe cleavage but I think I like 'em anyway.

I also have a super comfortable pair of flip-flops. But the soles are the memory foam so these are really comfy each time I put them on.

And finally, I totally fell in love with these boat style, slip-ons. I love the plaid and they are completely cool, in temperature and in looks. I'm watching the shoe store to get another pair just like 'em but in a different color.

My happy feet,

Monday, May 9, 2011

10- Take a scrapbook class

I took a scrapbook class, quite by accident. And for free. Yes, free.

This last weekend, Archiver's, a scrapbook chain store, was hosting a free 'make & take' project day. I happened to stumble in the store that day and had forgotten that was going on. Forgotten, I say because I get their online newsletters and knew it was scheduled but it had slipped my mind.

I was looking for a Mother's Day gift for Daddy-O (hey, he's the only parent I have left and often has to take on the role of mom AND dad to me, even though I'm almost 40 yrs old.) and the clerk asked if I wanted to do the 'make & take' of the day. Well, heck yeah I did.

Only ITSam with was with me. And it was to take an hour. And he had just spent 40 minutes waiting for me at Lane Bryant while I tried on pants. Which was not pretty.

But he said for me to go ahead and he would watch.

And he ended up helping!!!

It was cool. I got to use all their papers and supplies. I punched stuff out and got to play with some of the scrapbook/ card making toys. I used ribbon and buttons to make a flower, which I had never done before. It was pretty cool.

Everything we did was standard. What I mean is that every single person who came in was given the same materials and showed how to use the same tools and shown the template and then we could arrange it any way we wanted. It was actually 2 scrapbook pages- two completely different styles of scrapbooking. And one came with a sleeve protector.

It was pretty easy and fun to do.

I apologize in advance for my crappy pictures. I'm having camera issues (gee, how nice, just in time for graduation, damn it.) so I can't do lighting for crap (with or without the flash or plastic cover. It really seems to be a camera issue rather than a user one this time). But here's an attempt to show what I did.

Here is one page. This is a clear plastic sleeve with 6 slots. I filled 2 of them with scrapped projects. You can see one is black and the other is the green one. In the remaining 4 slots, I'll slide in pictures. In the one slot you can see little flowers and butterflies- those are to be adhered to the 4 pictures I use to tie it all together. I'm also supposed to put a picture in the yellow circle (the yellow circle on the green)

Here's a close up of the decoration panel. I have no idea what this is called. I was probably told but I don't remember.

Here's a close up of the black panel.

Here's the ribbon and button flower Sam made for me. I was having no luck with sticky stuff and ribbon. I was sticking everywhere but to the ribbon and it was nothing like a flower shape, either.

Here's a picture of a 3D butterfly that I "distressed" the edges to give it 'depth.'

Another 3D butterfly, that's dimensional (how is it 3D and dimensional, I want to know...?), without being distressed.

And finally, here's the other page, in finished form! It's the more traditional scrapbook style page think of when they think of scrapbooking. I'll drop in either 2 small picture on the green or one large one. And in the thing that looks like a piece of film across the bottom? I can add either small pictures or embellishments in those spots.

Pretty cool, eh? Don't I look talented?

And it was all free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Almost 40 and fabulous,

Sunday, May 8, 2011

For moms

Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mac & Mother's Day- early

For being such a smart kid, sometimes Mac cracks me up with his little goofs.

For example, he thought today was Mother's Day. I'm not sure why but he got it in his head that it was.

And he got me breakfast. He left the house to get some Hardee's breakfast at 10:15 am and came home with food for me, too. Without me asking. And he bought it with his own money! And didn't want me to pay him back! Now how dang cool is that?

I had to laugh a little bit, other than the fact it was Mother's Day a day early. I giggled at the amount of food he got me for breakfast. He got me the same as him: TWO sausage/ egg/ cheese biscuits, TWO cinnamon & raisin biscuits, and a LARGE order of hashbrowns. And he poured me a huge glass of oj when he got home. I had no idea where I was going to put all that good food.

I now have breakfast leftovers for tomorrow. You know, on Mother's Day- Part Deux!

I thought that was one of the nicest and most thoughtful things he's ever done. There's hope.

Mac's Mom,

Friday, May 6, 2011

On my day off, or 22. Take a day to do nothing but lay around in my jammies, reading, be lazy, and eating junk food

Daddy-O's in the Lone Star State and Mac is on the senior trip and won't be back until midnight. I had the day off from school- an unused snow day. I had the house all to myself. Alone. In the house. By myself. I think for the first time in years................

Here's what I did:
  • woke up late
  • texted Sam
  • made coffee
  • danced around the living room, and sang in my hairbrush to Lady Gaga
  • made cinnamon rolls
  • laid upsidedown on the couch and floor and read a book
  • finished the book
  • finished the coffee
  • finished the cinnamon rolls
  • blogged about the book I finished
  • enjoyed the quiet by just staring at the ceiling in silence
  • played Genetic Alchemy on my cell phone
  • played Worddrop on my cell phone
  • talked to Sam
  • took a shower around 7pm
  • ate dinner with Sam
  • started reading another book, back in my jammies, sprawled across the couch, drinking a large bottle of wine, out of glass
  • thinking about eating a Dove Ice Cream Bar- not on the couch, though...
  • thinking if I have enough cash to pay off Mac to go away for the day so I can do this again
Love your Lazybones,

Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's all about meme this Cinco de Mayo

Thanks to Sunday Stealing for this meme- I love honor among thieves!

1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
Kick his ass to the curb

2. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
money, money, money

3. What is the one thing most hated by you?
I hate stupid

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?
"I'd buy a blouse"....

5. Could you fall in love with your best friend?
nope--- well, if she had a penis and was a man, maybe

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
being loved

7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?
So far I've waited for 17 years.............

8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
Wait 17 years..............

9. If you'd like to act (movies, stage) with someone, who would it be?
Johnny Depp

10. What do you expect of your loved one?
security & love

11. How would you see yourself in ten years time?
almost 50 years old

12. What’s your fear?

13. Would you rather be single and rich or married, but poor?
single and rich, hands down!

14. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
hit the snooze button

15. Do you ever hold back in a relationship?

16. If you fell in love with two people simultaneously, how would you pick?
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, geographical proximity

17. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing that special someone has done?

18. What are your three most important expectations in love?
trust, honesty, and communication

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Random Hump day thoughts

Mac gave his last band performance and he was awesome. I was so proud of him. He even had a sax solo during a Beatle's classic. Wow. Just wow. And as he said when it was over, "well, that was the last time I'll ever perform on stage during high school." *gulp*

ITSam and I planned to take Mac and Jack (Sam's son) to a Japanese steak house and to see Thor in IMAX/ 3-D this coming Saturday. It's a last birthday gift for Mac and an early birthday gift for Jack- sort of smack in the middle of the two boys' birthdays & Jack will be 12 in two weeks. It's not Sam's typical weekend with Jack so he asked his ex-wife if she cared and she said no because she owed him a weekend; he and Jack talked about it and Jack was really psyched. He spoke with her last Saturday. He made reservations for dinner, Mac made sure he didn't have plans, I turned down a transport job and was actually online to order tickets for the movie. Sam called his exbiotch to check times with her and she canceled on him. He was PISSED! So, he got Jack on the phone. Jack said he didn't want to go because his mom's boyfriend's youngest son was having a bowling birthday party and he wanted to go to that instead. Sam is furious. I have no idea how she convinced Jack to give up the steak house he loves and begs to go to each weekend and to pass up an IMAX movie he's been begging to see for a month to go bowling, but she managed it. She's moving Jack to Florida in a month so Sam was really looking forward to this extra time. Not pretty.

Every spring my feet kill me for a couple weeks. I go from wearing sturdy winter shoes to flip-flops and sandals. During the adjustment my feet feel like they could just fall off.

I made a "crouton salad" last night which was awesome. I loved it. Yes, I know I should've taken pictures. Take my word for it and it was delish. Let me know if anyone wants the recipe! Very garlic-y which I consider a plus.

I found a vintage dining room table and chairs. It's a metal topped table- that's white- and metal legs. The chairs are soda fountain style and the seats are pink with red cherries. It's adorable. I think parents should get a graduation gift when their kids make it this far and I want this! It's at a local antique store. I'll try and get some photos to share!

The other morning we were running a little late for school so Mac used Daddy-O's bathroom. (He lets us so we weren't invading his space!) Now Mac is in LOVE with the bathroom and wants to call it his "temporary man cave." I find it hilarious.

I love cereal. When Mac was little he would go with me to the store and want some adult cereals like Special K and Mini Wheats. I always wanted the junkie kid cereal like Fruity Pebbles, Peanutbutter Captn Crunch, trix and Count Chocula. I love me some cereal and want it for dinner.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cake Decorating Part I

Somehow cooking and baking with XRay Girl involves cleaning because she makes a super big mess whenever she cooks.

She is presenting a cake decorating workshop tomorrow at school for me. Free of charge. So, since she's helping me, I said I would make her a dinner and also help with all the prep work.

So I went shopping after school for supplies.

Actually, I was supposed to leave early, about 20 minutes. But when I got as far as the parking lot 2 boys were beating the crap out of each other and there were no adults around. I couldn't break up the fight but finally several guys got there and did but I stayed with the other boys until their adults-in-charge arrived.

So I didn't get to leave early. I did go shopping and after waiting behind idiots in line at Wal-Mart if was after 5pm when I finally got home.

XRay Girl and I proceeded to make 4 dozen cupcakes, a two layer round cake and we used a cake form pan of Garfield.

Then we made 6 batches of icing and colored it, bagged it and put the rest in containers.

I also fixed, from scratch, a Greek Crouton salad and beef stroganoff for dinner, in the middle of all this.

After all the cakes were cooled, I boxed up all the cupcakes, which included finding all the containers for them to fit. I covered cardboard with foil for the Garfield and layer cake. We made a list of things to not forget to do in the morning, for her and one for me.

ITSam showed up and he helped with the clean up. I washed all the dishes that wouldn't fit in the dishwasher. I ran the dishwasher. ITSam vacuumed the dining room floor and he mopped the kitchen floor. I gathered up a bunch of trash from the kitchen and then topped off the bag which involved collecting more around the house. Mac carried it to the trash can outside.

Then I went to work at 10pm to drop off all the stuff for tomorrow's event. I froze cakes and chilled the frosting and unpacked supplies.

And I forgot to take a single picture to illustrate any of it, damn it.

At least we have a nice, clean. Pin-Sol smelling house.

And a whole lotta cake to decorate.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Two movie thoughts

1. When I first moved back here from the Wild West, I bought tons of magazines and newspapers and followed online sites of all the movies I wanted to rent and see in the theater. It wasn't anything for me to go see movies along, 2 or even 3 during a week, and that many or more on the weekends. Okay.

I'm still enamored of films of course, but now I have a "serious" boyfriend which puts a spin on movie going. If I just go to the movie and don't tell him, then he wonders where I am. If I go to see a movie without him I have to explain that it wasn't a 'I don't want to be with you' thing but just a spur of the moment thing where I wanted to see a movie. He could get his feelings hurt that I didn't ask him.

And it's not that I don't want him to go with me, but I get off work about 90 minutes before he does and I could be at the theater and have the movie almost over by the time Sam is leaving work. Sometimes I like to go so I don't have to talk about a movie afterwards. I want to sit where I want and eat all the popcorn alone,

Hey, I'm just saying...

2) Does anyone have "go-to" movies? I have several movies I love to watch over and over again. If I'm grading papers (okay back in the day when i graded papers), want back ground noise, am doing some sort of project, blogging or whatever, I have a certain collection of movies I want to throw in the DVD plays and will watch over and over again. I know all the dialogue and I know what's going to happen. I don't have to sit glued to the screen.

Does anyone else have movies like that?

Mine are pretty unlikely, too: Twister, Volcano, When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and Apollo 13. And usually Harry and 13 are at the bottom of my choice list over the other three.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Food glorious food!

I've been starving lately. I'm not pregnant, so for God's sake get that thought out of your collective heads. But lately I've been just extremely hungry all the time. I have no idea why. I can't even begin to speculate but I'm famished.

And it's not that I really want junk food, though I do. I really want food. I've been craving steak and mashed potatoes. Yesterday there was a port-a-pit chicken fund raiser and I wanted some so badly. We have a new local pizza place and I can't get enough of their pizza: green olives, meatballs, Italian (beef) sausage. I want breadsticks with cheese and Starbucks coffee. I've been so hungry for seafood salad or a HUGE lettuce salad with croutons and ranch dressing and shredded cheese. And stove top popcorn with butter.

Yup, I'm just hungry.

I've been cooking lots lately, too. We fired up the grill and have had steaks a few times. I learned how to grill so I made brats and I have big plans for chicken.

I went to the grocery store yesterday and bought food like it was going out of style. And not just junk; I got all sorts of meat to grill and all kinds of cheeses and potatoes. I found some wonderful organic salad greens, which I want to cover in green olives, croutons, cheese and ranch dressing. I'm so hungry for strawberries. And orange juice- not together, but separately.

Chocolate is another "food" I've been dying for. And pastries but not chocolate pastries, if that makes any sense. I've wanted to go to the local Mongolian bar for food (okay, SisIL, we should go there for lunch one day for your birthday. Or Curly! Or anyone!!!!).

Believe it or not, since I've given up eating pork, that seems to be the one thing I'm not craving. Go figure. I'm sure the time will come when I'm ready to kill for a slice of bacon or a big, fat, greasy pork chop, but so far, so good. Turkey bacon and turkey sausage have been satisfying the taste when the craving has hit.

Right this very second I want a turkey sandwich on white Wonder bread with a huge slice of tomato and a piece of Cheddar cheese. With chips on the side.

Mac and I went to the Cheesecake Factory for part of his late birthday celebration just to eat dessert. I swear I could've eaten about 5 pieces. I only had one- a slice of Lemon Creme Cake with strawberries. It. Was. To. Die. For.

Later today ITSam is coming over to grill. We're going burgers and dogs and brats. Jack is there this weekend and he's a picky eater so we're just doing the basics. I'm going to make baked beans and we have chips. Just picnic type of food, so it should all be good. And I love the smell of food cooking on the grill. YUM!

I realize this post had not conclusions drawn and no thought provoking process and was nothing but a list of food I've been craving lately. And that's okay. Because I can't think other than WANTING food!