Thursday, May 26, 2011

Drive me away

Lilith asked me what became of my driving transportation of kids after the disaster last weekend when I drove kids to and fro.

It's funny she asked. I was sure I would get fired. I figured I would get fired outright, or get the 'quietly fired' where I wasn't asked to drive anymore- just let to quietly slide off the list. I wasn't particularly upset by the thought of either, actually.

But what did happen was... well, hang on.

I got an email, along with a bunch of other people who drive, telling us we need to have a training class on how to work with difficult kids. It's a nationally renowned program (I don't want to name it here in case someone at work would Google it and lead to here) that in mental and physical ways lets you learn to handle kids mentally and physically when necessary. The course runs 8 hours a day over 4 days. Then there are annual re-certs that last 2-3 days each.

I also need to update my first aid/ CPR through the American Red Cross.

I can't drive anymore until I complete this. This is because of our federal licensing agency. I was told in the email, and in person, that I apparently slipped through the cracks, along with several other drivers. It will be interesting to see who all commits to doing this.

My company is offering a class next week and will pay me but I'm not doing it. I don't know if I want to drive anymore anyway. And to be honest, I got a down and dirty training course because I work at the school and I understand what I'm to do; the down and dirty version doesn't count for drivers, though. Also, this training is NOT geared to take place in a car. If I have to use these skills, I better be pulled over on the side of the road and calling for help. AND next week is an entire week off with pay from the library- my first week of summer vacation that I've worked hard for, I think. I am NOT giving up all all 4 days of vacation for this nonsense.

It's utterly ridiculous. There are a bunch of people who aren't going to drive anymore because of it.

I'm going to wait this one out and see if the company will stick to it or not. I think they'll be in such desperate need of drivers they'll find a loophole.

So I wasn't fired, nor quietly ignored. I'm just told I don't have the "right" credentials to do this. Yeah, right.



Curley said...

I always wondered about that. Since I work in a place that provides transportation for other people and know how much training they have to have to drive, I wondered why you didn't have to have some kind of training also. Just never asked. And yes you do need the week off. I'm sure there will we training at other times.

Lilith said...

I can see one person falling through the cracks, but several! Holy sh*t!

Wouldn't you much rather be with me on Tuesday than in some stuffy class?

Maggie said...

Curley- as I said, I'm not heart broken at all. And there's another training in August, if I'm still interested... yeah, right.

Lilith- i am TOTALLY psyched about Tuesday- MUCH better than a stuffy class!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)