Saturday, May 14, 2011

So, I'll probably be fired

I drove the trip from hell yesterday. It was supposed to take only 5 hours and it took 10. I had to deliver 3 kids home on their weekend passes.

A few rules when driving: never leave a child at home unless an adult is there (unless otherwise instructed by the case worker in advance) and when leaving meds, get an adult signature (unless otherwise instructed by the case worker).

We left on time and got to the first child's house in a timely manner. No one was home. I'm not supposed to leave the kids without an adult there. I called the office and talked to this child's case manager. We gave mom 10 minutes to get there and she never arrived. So after a whole lotta phone calls between me and the case manager I was told to make the kid get back in the car and take her with me the rest of the drop offs and then back to the campus to her house.

The kid was supposed to have a weekend pass and the case manager thought I was going to convince her to get back in the car and leave? Oh yeah, right. That went as well as could be expected- she yelled, swore at me and refused. That went well.

We had another round of phone calls and because no one had any back bone nor balls, I left her alone at her house. Gee whiz, I could've predicted that would happen and why we went through the motions, I have no idea. All I know is that we spent 50 minutes going through this ritual and I was 50 minutes late. And pissed.

I drove another hour to drop off the second child, which the real shit hit the proverbial fan.

In the middle of the drama with child I, I discovered I gave her the wrong medications. I left child 3's prescription with child 1.

I called the campus and through a round of phone calls, it was determined that I created a liability issue AND violated HIPPA. And I was told to drive an hour BACK to child 1's house to get the meds. I still had one more kid to take home who live an hour away from where I was and would be 2 hours away from Child 1's house. Too bad, I had to go back.

I drove back. About an hour back. Of course when I got to Child 1's house, there was no adult there. I got the wrong meds. But now I had to have someone sign for the correct meds. I didn't the first time when she was throwing a damn fit but now I had the BIG boss on the phone call all the shots. So now, with the liability issues taken care of but about a zillion HIPPA violations still out there, we were going to do this by the book.

So, I was there.... get this, another 45 minutes waiting on adults and signatures.

I finally could leave and take the last kid home. We had to get food, and go to the bathroom and get fuel for the car

She was supposed to be dropped off at 7 pm and I finally got her to her house at 11:30 pm.

I was supposed to be home at 8:30pm. I got home at 1:30am.

So I figure I'm fired. The med issue was all me. I was flustered and frustrated about the kids refusing to go home and the delay and the whole scene she caused. But it's really no excuse for giving the wrong meds. There's not. Bottom line, I screwed up. Screwed up. Big time.

HIPPA violations!!!!! How could I have been so dumb? Ugh!

The up side is that I'll only be fired from the driving part of my job. I'll still have my library job and my weekend secretary job. I'll still have summer school to teach. I just will probably be canned from driving. Of course it's the one that pays the most per hour but oh well.... right?

I've never been fired before but an article I read on Monster says everyone is fired at least once. This would be my once, I guess.

Gee, I'm really looking forward to Monday.



Annesphamily said...

I am sorry! You have had a really rotten week. But I feel like this, they should send two adults with kids when having to do road trips. It seems so unfair to you and the final kiddo trying to get home. But I think sometime HIPPA is a crock! You would not have done what you did if you had not been so frustrated. I am praying for you. I hope the weekend goes better. Hugs and come visit soon. Anne

Bragger said...

I agree with Annesphamily that you shouldn't have to bear the burden of this whole f***ed up episode by yourself. Anyone would be likely to make a mistake under those circumstances. I'll send good thoughts your way on Monday. Let us know how it turns out!

Cheryl said...

Gosh, I really hope it all works out. It sounds like a really difficult system with all the liability on you, which is really unfair. xoxo

Mellodee said...

What a goofy system! It amazes me that a ride home is provided to the kids going home on a pass. Seems to me that some responsible adult should have to COME AND GET the kid. You, as the driver, shouldn't have the responsibility (or the liability) of all of this. The driver's job (as I see it)is to get the child to and from their home safely! You are not a medical professional, you should not have been responsible for any medications! If they try to fire you, I would fight it on that basis alone!!

Curley said...

First question, "Were the meds in bags, and were they labeled with each kids name?" If not then sounds to me like they made the first violation. I think its stressful enough driving these kids home without having to take and make sure they get the right meds. Shouldn't the parents already have these meds at home? I think that would be a better situation.

Shan said...

That whole scenario sounds like Hell on wheels for sure!!! What a nightmare capable of putting ANYONE off their game. You may WANT to lose that third job.

Maggie said...

Anne- thank you for the prayers- I really can use them! And I think the 2 adults thing is a really good idea. I have to agree I think some of the HIPPA stuff is a crock, too. And I was flustered but I'm not sure that excuse will fly, darn it!

Bragger- it was a huge disaster. I'm hoping I can recruit Mac to ride shot gun on Sunday when I do the return trip. The kids kept blaming Fri. the 13th. Maybe since it's Sunday AND not a Fri. 13 maybe it will be better?

Cheryl- thanks sweetie!

Mellodee- I need you to come here and fight with me! I admire your fire!

And we sometimes take the kids home because parents don't have enough money to come and get the kids. Tax dollars at work.

Curly- all good questions. The meds were clearing labeled and I just flat out screwed that up. And parents don't have meds at home because the kids meds often change frequently, the kids are home very often or at all, and because parents can't usually afford to buy the meds. Yeah...

Shan- there's a part of me that agrees; I might want to lose it. The money is good and usually it's not this stressful but still I'm not sure I want to keep it up.

Mac said maybe instead of flat out firing me, they will not call me to drive any more. And part of me thinks that would be just fine.

I had to talk to a supervisor and said if I was going to be fired, do it Saturday because i have a bunch of stuff I could be doing with my Sunday and he just laughed.